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  • aosjdhdjduryffjfjfj aosjdhdjduryffjfjfj Jan 5, 2010 4:37 PM Flag

    Awful and unnaceptable results for Sonic

    I am a very unhappy shareholder who wants a change !!!!!

    Sonic should drop its prices 50 percent to enhance traffic just like steak and shake did.

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    • Mmm, In'n out burger. Now you are making me hungry. Yes we need In'n out burger in Hawaii, how about El Pollo Loco, too?

    • What can I say? They are lined up on Mission Blvd. trying to get a spot @ Sonic. They also have a drive thru...

    • We had a Steak & Shake here , Sonic
      built across the street from it ,The Steak
      and Shake is now boared up

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      • You must live in a small town packed full of people with horrible palats!! LOL LOL I own Sonic and this isnt as bad as it could have been in this economy.,..actually compared to many many other restaurants Sonic preformed much better. Most are missing the street by significant amounts!! Sonic by .03 This is huge in normal market conditions..but this is not those times!!!

        Sonic will do fine for those who bought in before earnings to sell on news..either take your losses from the 10.25 to 10.60 range and run or hang on for a short term trade of 12 to 18 mo and you will be fine! I am in it at the 8.00 up to 10.50 range! I am long as I am long on Denny's...everyone said I was NUTS buying moneygram at .55 MGI, and buying MCG Capitol Corp at .63 MCGC, and 8x8 at .48 a share...but boy selling them at 3.35, 4.62 and 1.50 sure felt good...I let them laugh at me all the way to the bank lol...I currently like Denny;s, Sonic, and Nacel Energy as my spec plays. Tickers in order are DENN, SONC, and NCEN.OB Nacel is super super spec and super pure wind energy play they are in the final stages of development needed to get stimulus and TARP money if this is done chalk up another huge Home Run by me...if they are done as they are strapped for cash...dont want anyone thinking they arent and invest hard earned money on my advise not knowing NCEN.OB is a HUGE spec stock, Pure Wind Energy play with NO OTHER workings outside that. They do have THE BEST wind land in the Texas Panhandle!! so that is a plus..I think it is a good shot its a lotto ticket with better odds then power ball lol...Good luck all and dont give up and get to down on sonic one thing is certain and History shows it well!! Just as US Steel (X) dropped to nearly zero during great deppression and was a first to Jump back they dropped from the sky to the floor during this great recession ( I Bought at 14 a share sold at 53.00!!) the restaurant industry will bounce back as well discressionary spending will show first in the restaurant industry! yes building material etc will go up and wholesale orders and employment yadda yadda yadda but when people gain greater incomes the first thing the reward themselves with is better food...look at Zhongpin ticker (HOGS) in China a very repressed nation that is getting more freedom and more money per person...they are eating less rice and twigs and more meat and fruits America people still eat well at home and when the money comes back they will treat themselves to dining out first!!

        as always in the words of the wizzard Bears make money, Bulls make money...Pigs...well they are good to Eat.

        Back to Sonic..unless your scared...need the money now buy often and buy on the morning dip!! Bring on the chedder bites and Sonic Cheeseburger with Mayo Plz

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