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  • sweet_old_woman sweet_old_woman Jan 7, 2010 5:07 AM Flag

    (SONC) 9.00‎ +0.09‎ (1.01%‎) After Hours


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    • I got something for you to pump, old man. Go pump your sh!t elsewhere!

      • 1 Reply to waterbug69er
      • Have some respect you looser...That old man may have fought for your freedom to speak the trash you do some where down the way!! you ungrateful lil bastard!! What are you pissed cause you spent money you didnt have to loose in a gambling game?? if so maybe you should by t bonds or CD's something a bit more safe for your obvious non risk personality!. or maybe cry and snivel and vote for Obama again to save you cause it is deff. the governments job to do this and not ones own self..I mean heck they bailed out everyone else where is your handout right? Loosers like you make me sick and ashamed to be under 40!

        Maybe buy GE Jeff is in Obama's back pocket he will do GE good....or maybe you should do your homework and realize very few restaurants do well in bad economy's they will turn around in time..but instant gratification is what you need right? oh maybe you should go take out another large home equity loan and bet it all on black 6 then cry for a bailout cause you thought you could afford your 500K home mortgaged to the rim on your 36K salary,....I mean everyon just pays the interest for the first five years...then we can figure it out from there...heck if I need to I can make the payment with my credit card and pay 20% interest on that.!!! My generation makes me sick...dug their own holes then cried because they forgot to bring a ladder... get a life...

        Sonic is a buy a lil here a lil more at 8.5 wait and cost average from there based on what you think...also i would look at Dennys anything below 2.21 is a buy there

25.44-2.00(-7.29%)Sep 28 4:00 PMEDT