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  • kbgood05 kbgood05 May 7, 2010 10:15 AM Flag

    The Food Just Isnt Good....

    Service is hit or miss no matter where you go at any nationwide chain...but the fundamental problem with Sonic is that the food just isnt that good...period. Yes, I know its fast food, its not supposed to be that good. But even in comparison to other fast foods: McD's, BK or Steak n Shake, Sonics is dead last. Burgers are forgetable, fries are forgetable, chix strips are forgetable, chili dogs are forgettable. Sonics food doesnt taste bad, it doesnt taste good, it doesnt taste like anything!!

    Nothing about the Sonic experience will bring people back. Great...people on roller skates!! WOW!!! Oh wait...the food sucks. Damn...too bad!!!

    I remember when the Sonic in my city first opened last year. It was INSANELY busy for the first two weeks. Sonic had people out directing traffic, huge (I mean HUGE) lines, it was madness. Now, a year later, the place is almost completely empty all the time. Its almost comical how empty they are. Big nice, new fancy drive-in restaurant, butt a$$ empty all the time. Why? Because of the food. It sucks. Plain and simple.

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    • I seriously want SONC to make good. The idea of a drive-in restaurant really appealed to me. I think there's a good market for an old fashioned drive-in restaurant, but I just don't see SONC as the answer to the markets need for one. I'm always in the market for stock in a good company, and maybe, somehow, SONC will make it. From my standpoint, I just don't think SONC can do it.

    • <<"No refills will kill them in the end and the business model is obsolete. If I were mgt, I would work out a way to give drink refills">>

      You are an idiot. You whining about free refills is not going to kill anyone. Cheapskates like you that come to the restaurant, order a small drink for your family of five to share, then ask the runners to get you a refill every three minutes is what kills people....and kills the business as it waste resources and kills revenues. Moron.

      Your are also a double idiot because its not Sonics business model per se that's the problem. Its that the product sucks. Period. Drive thru's are a good idea and SONC would probably set the world on fire if they werent serving garbage. Point being that when they open up a store...its straight madness for two-three weeks until people taste the food. Then...its a ghost town after that.

      Go find somewhere else to post. Good day.

    • <<"The one I went too was seriously empty at lunch time. I just don't see SONC as a serious contender after the initial novelty wears off.">>

      Oh yeah...havent you heard...according to MGMT...thats because of "unemployment".

      Funny though, a strange phenomenon happens to me when I go to lunch at Panera, McD's, Wendy's, Subway, Jack, In n Out....unemployment doesnt seem to have an effect on these companies at all. There are always lots of people there before I get there and I have to wait in what is called a "line" to order and get my food.

      Craziest thing ever how the recession and unemployment could be hitting SONC so hard and not doing anything to these other companies during lunch!!! It has nothing to do with the fact their food (even by fast food standards) is over priced garbage.

    • The prices are too high for a fast food drive-in. The just can't compete with the other fast food joints.
      Revenue per store will fall after initial introduction of new stores. The one I went too was seriously empty at lunch time. I just don't see SONC as a serious contender after the initial novelty wears off.

    • No refills will kill them in the end and the business model is obsolete. If I were mgt, I would work out a way to give drink refills and add wifi and another thing, something's not right about tipping for mediocre fast food. JMO

    • Another "Hot 'N Now"? Sonic looks a lot better than Hot 'N Now did, but it should serve as a lesson about things to do and not do. Right now, Sonic's spending too much time and money doing the wrong things.

    • Tough to comment on someones like or dislike for a certain food but I would suggest you look at the pricing and this stock is holding the $9.30 it hit bck in March with heavy volume. Watch for a run up after 1pm cst and a solid finish. BTW the drivin cost less than most chains but belive what helps you sleep off your short position

    • al.trevino May 10, 2010 12:11 AM Flag

      So where is the town where these Sonics are, where do you live?

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      • Why does it matter where I live? I'll give you a hint. I live in northeast OH and there are two Sonic's in the entire region. This Sonic is in front of a SuperWalmart, right by a major freeway and is perfectly located as far traffic is concerned. And guess what, empty, almost all the time.

        I have never shorted a stock in my life. That may change though with Sonic. The money they are spending building these big fancy drive in's cannot be yielding positive returns. It just seems almost too easy of a play, thats why I will wait and watch this one. But fundamentally, they are flawed. They are completely missing the food aspect, even for a fast food joint.

    • you're right, the food isn't that great. But its pretty damn good when you're drunk.

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