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  • assureklipper assureklipper Jul 7, 2010 1:56 AM Flag

    My sister works at SONIC

    in McAlester, Oklahoma, and has been attacked twice OTJ. Also, has had drunks to handle, military clowns & creeps, asking for 'cogk rings' instead of onion rings, 'big D on bun,' instead of the footlong. Those clowns at the local military base McAAP, are tormenting her! She says that if the orders are sizable, then the manager doesn't care. I suggested she carry a brick and smash the windshield of the next McAAP creep who drives in and makes insulting orders!

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    • Nope, I disagree, your Sis needs a friend to get a brick and smash the brick thru the windshield, and then runaway.

      You, must learn to finesse that sort of stuff.

      BTW It helps if she acts excited, and 'accidently' dumps a super-large slurppy into the lap of the driver (aka--aisehole), after the "brick walls come crumbling down," on the McAAP perverted wierdo.

      See, now she gets to keep her job.

    • Big Bro, why don't you be a man and help her get a better job

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      • I have a hard time believing your claims. I seriously doubt that your sister was physically assaulted OTJ and the manager (and noone else for that matter) did nothing about it......twice!! Because the ticket was high....please. While I agree there may be the occasional drunk with his lame, tired jokes, I doubt that its a regular occurance.

        Bottom line for you and your home schooled sis is this...get a helmet...thats life. 10% of people are pigs and there is nothing you can do about it. You will encounter these pigs at any workplace you go. Deal with it and move on.

        And shame on you for talking about our nations military in that manner.

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