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  • bullvsbear6 bullvsbear6 Jul 11, 2010 5:57 PM Flag

    the qtr pound dog -what a freakin joke

    its same dog.i asked mgr what difference was. here what he said . the regular foot long was actually only a 9-10 inch dog and had low quality meat. he brought out a 6 inch dog and said the new qtr pound was 12 inches. i said ok lets measure it , wow i said its only 10 inches not 12 looks just like the regular so called foot long. . then he says its now made with better quality meat and better then the reg coney. i said so you order the new qtr pound dog thats supposed to be now 12 inches compared to the old regular foot long(thats supposed to be 12inches) which he said was actually 10 inches. is better meat than the 6 inch dog . that you know has low quality meat you are still selling. what bs from manager at sonic in mineola tx

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    • The Old Dog was called an "Extra Long" not a foot long. It was a chicken, pork & beef mix dog & 10" long. the new dog is 12" & 100% beef 1/4 lb. It is a much improved product & the 6" will be transitioning as well in a month or so.

    • Have you been hit up the side of the head recently with an almost but not quite 2x4?

    • haha...this woman really feels strongly about hot dogs....of all things.

      But hey...F is little boring these days and I need a cause. And she is right, this is total BS. So to all of you out there I say: forget BP and their lil dopey global destroying oil spill. Forget AIG and their 600 gazillion dollar employee bonuses at the expense of taxpayers. Forget bailouts...forget the teabaggers vs. the socialist battles. Forget all that crap. Whats going on at SONC with these hotdogs needs to be addressed! Sonic selling the public 10" hotdogs under the guise of footlongs is the ultimate betrayal to the american public. How long are we going to let this go on?!?!

      Now that we have proof that SONC is lying about their hot dogs....whats next? I think we should plan a march or something to company headquarters. Someone get Glenn Beck and Keith Olberman on the phone. Manage a boycott....We want that extra 2 inches of disgusting mystery meat and fillers in our hot dogs SONC....and we want it now!!! God daaamn it!!

      This is BS SONC!!! You need to answer for this!! Corporate greed has gone far enough in this country. Who's with me?????

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