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  • venerability2 venerability2 Jan 14, 2011 7:48 PM Flag

    SONC Was Bird Gamed Today

    Solely because there was major Bird Gaming going on in another sector.

    Yes, this is silly in the extreme - and it certainly never sways the Bird herself.

    But it shows how extraordinarily prone to gaming for the sake of gaming some within Official Wall Street - not to mention Black Hat UNOfficial Wall Street are.

    The fact that this silliness could not be WORSE for the entire financial services sector - that it smacks of Enron and Tyco and every other sort of Baby Game example one can think of - doesn't seem to matter to some.

    Proving they are the Biggest of Big Swinging Bleep-Bleeps is all that matters.

    I have actually been very kind and very restrained the past year towards the Bird Gamers. I could have said and done a whole lot worse.

    If the gloves are off again, you will not like it. Remember, I have a whole lot of very nasty proof to back me up, including a tape of Lloyd McC., erstwhile of Stringfellow, talking about "Yolanda."

    How many TOS and Minyanville-related Botnets could that alone bring down, Poopsies?

    Fifteen years of pure, childish malice is more than enough.

    You don't want to preempt me - fine, although you should have a long time ago.

    At the very least, you're going to cease and desist screwing with my portfolio, my computer, and my life.

    Do show this post to all your little Botmasters.

    Love and kisses.

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