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  • shoogashoat shoogashoat Dec 16, 2009 12:20 PM Flag

    Recent VeruTEK project...something to digest

    This is the latest and greatest. Remember, George Hoag is the father of the ERI at UCONN, and invented several remedial methods that are now being tossed aside in favor of his newest method.

    VeruTEK Technologies Announces Completion of a Coal Tar Remedy at a Former Manufactured Gas Plant Site in New York

    Bloomfield, CT, December 15, 2009 VeruTEK Technologies Inc. announced today that the interim (third-party) results of a large-scale S-ISCO (Trademark) cleanup project at a coal-tar saturated, former manufactured gas plant site showed almost complete remediation of subsurface coal tar. The S-ISCO implementation has already met New York State average soil cleanup goals. The interim results suggest clean groundwater (GA groundwater quality) will be achieved by January 2010. Soil vapor concentrations were reduced immediately upon implementation of the project.

    In all thus far, 75,000 tons of contaminated soil have been treated in a safe and cost-effective manner at a cost of $2M. S-ISCO is a permanent remedy that treats contaminated soil, groundwater and soil vapor. No further action is required after completion of the remedy. S-ISCO implementation used no dump trucks or heavy equipment. In addition, S-ISCO implementation has a low community impact: For example, normal business was conducted at the office facility at this site while the S-ISCO remedy was implemented. No streets were closed. There were no community complaints during the project.

    This green, high-tech remedy compares favorably to excavation and landfilling of surface coal tar. One hundred thousand (100,000) tons were reported to have been excavated and removed from a different operable unit at the same site last year for an estimated cost of $100M. However, hundreds of thousands of tons were left in place with no permanent remedy for either the contaminated soil or groundwater.

    In addition, the carbon and energy footprint of excavation and landfilling is more than ten (10) times than that of the S-ISCO remedy. S-ISCO offers the opportunity of simplifying soil and groundwater cleanup by combining remedial investigation with the remedy. A major problem in cleaning up the 294,000 contaminated sites in the United States is that remedial action is impaired and delayed by continual and ineffective remedial investigation.

    S-ISCO can be used simultaneously as a soil probe and remedial technology to identify and clean soils, groundwater and soil vapor.

    S-ISCO, a VeruTEK Green Technology Platform, has been shown to be successful on source contaminants such as chlorinated solvents, insecticide/herbicide, coal tar, PCB oils, creosote and others. Source contaminants reside in the soils, slowly dissolving into the groundwater and represent the most fundamental problem in cleaning up the environment. Many technologies including ISCO, bioremediation, and pump and treat have focused on temporary reduction of groundwater contamination without remedying the sources of contamination. In most cases, these off-the-shelf technologies leave sites contaminated for future generations to live with.

    S-ISCO is a transforming technology in environmental remediation. VeruTEK has been developing solutions based on the S-ISCO technology platform using different plant-based, bio-based, and biodegradable surfactants, oxidants, and builders to target specific contaminants in the environment. S-ISCO is the only remedial technology that can remedy source materials at depth and under buildings safely in urban and other environments. For example, at this site, soils and groundwater were remedied as far as 100 feet from the nearest injection point. VeruTEK's new green technology platforms, including VeruSOLVE Peroxide, VeruSOLVE nzVI, and VeruSOLVE Foam (for vadose zone remediation) provide a very cost-effective, sustainable and more complete alternative to digging, hauling and landfilling surface contaminants.

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    • Actually, I did find a similar PR but it is dated Nov. 8, 2008 and refers to 2000 tons at that time.

      Best as I can make out from the company website remidiation is 80% where the Canadian requirement seems to be 99.9999%?

      Definitely needs watching

      • 1 Reply to tongap
      • I signed up for press releases via the website. You are right, its not on the website yet, but they tend to lag a few days. Nor is it under press via the yahoo finance site. i know they recently bootstrapped the company and let go the cfo, went from full reporting to non reporting with a few months of warning...which is rare. at least they let investors know ahead of time. facts are facts...they are in with EPA, RMI< Carnegie Mellon and several other reputable uni's. I believe in this company, and now, so does an associate who runs the Southwest division of a major, if not the the premier, remediation company for North American. Its been a long time coming...who knows, stock could go back to .75, or it could $5 in a month or two. I hope the latter. Please don't take this as a slap in the face of Bennett, but people need to know.

    • I can't find this PR. Please point the way.