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  • golemurgo golemurgo Apr 27, 2011 1:48 AM Flag

    aussies killing it again

    what the hell.. the 2 days of solid increases while asx was on holiday are all removed in 1 day on asx.

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    • only down 5.6% on asx atm. lets see if it can recover to only being down 3%(ugh).. Let the no love continue from down under. Makes no sense other than the 2 officers sells are still out there.

    • Jake , yeah not too many folks on SSN mb from early days , lot of newer posters ,I am going to hold ETKEF for awhile , those GOM leases in particular are interesting , GRB hopefully proves up as well .had gotten out of SSN but I'm moving money back and forth between SDCJF and SSN hoping to guess right on moves , we will see how lucky I can get , haha . good luck to you 2011 looks very exciting , just need the aussies to co-operate ..... I believe from todays PPS that SDCJF has the most upside % being under $1 so I am not leaving this one for you to make all the money on .:)

    • a lot of jr oils are going lower(mhr,gmxr,dej)and this.i dont like it one bit.

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      • gmxr is still mostly natgas they just bought some bakken land that is UNDEVLOPED(thats the keyword people keep ignoring gmxr). It will take them a while to get that going and even then they are late to the party and paid quite a bit for their land. Now comes getting the land developed there so it will be a while with gmxr. A lot like sd except not much control of their costs and slower getting their production ramped up.

      • I own dej and sdcjf of the ones you mentioned. Obviously they haven't followed the run up in oil. But I firmly believe that it changes soon, say by July latest. I would hold, and see what happens once the weather settles down, and they can really get the wells going. You have to remember alot of people live in tents and mini campers in the bakken, and these people are still missing. In short no housing so the people aspect is still down right now. As for Dej I think that come May they finnally will surprise us with a move up. Should see a double may-june,jmo. gltu


    • bar,
      Did you buy back into SSN? I see you posting there more. I still own shares,but the board isn't the same to me, so I seldom post there anymore. Naga did to good of job recruiting investors from there to here. So any strength shown by SSN seems to hurt our stock. I think they lighten up here and go there. As for the insiders selling, no one likes that, but do it now, before the prime oil season hits,imo. The pps had become stymied before the directors selling somewhat, that just put the icing on the cake, if you will. Lets get some well news,listed on an exchange, and down the line they can buy back some of these outstanding shares.All will be good in time,imo. By the way, still own ETKEF due to YOU, so don't disappear on me,lol. take care


    • well said Jake , have you been spying on me ? haha actually you prolly are right to a degree but I think there is still some director shares that are funneling through over on the ASX and thats hurting the aussie share price and ours .... jmo

    • The stock can't get any traction Down Under it seems...I think they are aware of that fact, hence the talk of getting a US listing...Maybe it might help, maybe not...One thing is for sure, them drunks Down Under like to flip pennies as the weekend approaches...Never fails!