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  • naga00 naga00 Oct 17, 2013 3:36 PM Flag

    listened to conference today A+

    5000 boe exit rate 2013
    8500-9000+ exit rate 2014
    eagle ford on fire for sdcjf
    woodbine is looking very good as well
    125 million in cash
    400 credit line
    will email eric to see if US or Canadian listing is near term- we go to get out of AU
    Could easily be $3.50 next year @ exit rate
    strong growth, solid projects and solid management= winner
    In 4 years this stock could be $10.00- want to grow by 5000 boe/yr
    20,000 boe by end of 2015 according to Eric

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Naga- The written report I read made mention of an Average Daily Production exit rate of "between 4000 & 4800 BOPD"...did the speech today change that figure to 5000? The written report also mentioned $30 Million in debt. The $3.50 2014 exit rate PPS that you mention-is that a Corporation projection or yours? (frankly, I would feel better if it were yours; you've been very accurate on oil Co. predictions)
      Don't get me wrong. I've been trying to buy more yesterday and today; but couldn't hit my price. I'm going to do some more "larnin" tonight and try again Friday.
      Thanks for your advice in the oil patch.


      P.S. I was going to jump in on AXAS also; but I can buy about 3 shares of SDCJF for every one of AXAS, so I'm going to stick with SDCJF.

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      • listening to the conference Eric mentioned 5000 boepd exit rate a few times even though he mentioned the current exit rate of 4000-4800-- but then on the other hand he talked about upgrading the exit rate within weeks.
        concerning the share price that is mine! If they get this damn thing listed in the US and or Canada.
        The AU listing is just plain terrible!
        He also quoted by saying that exit rate 9000+ for 2014 - another 20+ well to be drilled in 2014 with 4 rigs.
        he also mentioned 20,000 boepd either by end of 2015 or 2016
        company is hot but the stock is like a heart monitor indicating flatline!
        Trading in the "grey" juch limits buyers because most are frightened.
        There woodbine area could explode any day and the eagleford is just plain "cherry"
        In Rooland the stock is up .01- shockingly sad!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Very good presentation. Guys do your self a favor and go to the Sundance energy website and listen to the presentation..
      Some key points...
      Double production every year for the next three or four years until 20k BOED
      Working on acquiring 9-10k more acres in EF at 2k an acre.
      20 more EF net wells in 2014
      5 EF wells coming on line Oct-Nov

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      • Mod, in addition, of their 5 currently producing successful wells in the EagleFord, they are enjoying a 90 day average of 506 boed (Page 12)

      • I was thinking about getting back in (sold all but 10k shares) but the "Working on acquiring 9-10k more acres in EF at 2k an acre" is 20 million. Now I know they can borrow or just spend from cash, but what they WILL do is dilute for it. Plus coming to US exchange will be dilution. I know it's not needed, but neither was the last 20% dilution just a few months ago, as we can PLAINLY and CLEARLY see. So I'll buy back in on the next dilution opportunity and keep my 10k just in case I'm wrong.