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  • mfk2680 mfk2680 Jan 8, 2007 2:27 AM Flag

    Another month, another quarter

    Why 16% the 12.1% 11 month revenue increase should do it if the eps grows at the same rate 1.95 last year plus 12.1% equals 1.95 + .23= $2.18

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    • < Why 16%...>
      Go with whatever makes you happy.

      Known as of original message: JOSB needs +15.6% for January total sales to exactly meet this quarter total sales expectation (on Yahoo!); over 16% to beat that by enough to probably have the EPS satisfy as well, IMO.
      Note that the Yahoo! revenue estimate was upped again today by a few hundred-thou-$, so expectations ain't getting easier.

      I don't believe in painting overly rosy pictures, neutral tones look best to me. I expect people to buy less warm clothing when it's warm, for instance.
      IMHO, I think JOSB will have brief peaks, but won't hold pre-June'06 levels, even $37, until they wipe out ALL of that nasty ol'e 13 cent miss. What do they have left? -- ~9 cents of positive EPS surprise(s) left, if not more. Could take several quarters, especially considering rewards seldom match punishments on similar intensity news, as greed pales next to fear. (The way I fear CWTR even at $23.25 right now. 'Wonder if that trade would have worked short term?)

      Just some idle thoughts.