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  • oxps_rules oxps_rules May 30, 2011 12:36 PM Flag

    Red Bull replacement

    The economics of using SodaStream for replacing 2 liter bottles of soda aren't that great, but considering that a can of Red Bull costs $2 the energy drink line is a huge growth driver.

    My old boss spends $40 per week on Red Bull. Using Sodastream he could cut his cost to $5 per week.

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    • People who can afford red bull buy it at the clubs,bars or supermarkets. They are not interested in making it. Think about making red bull for your teens and watch them carry around a thermos. People rather buy a can of red bulls or pop and carry it around not a thermos full of drink. Why do people still buy 2 litter bottle pop or bottled water in the store? Kool- aid in a package is so easy to make & tap water is free. I can't follow your logic. Just try to make sense and PLEASE stop the pumping.

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      • People make coffee at home but they usually don't make a thermos full and carry it around. It they're out, they'll buy a coffee at Starbucks, or a restaurant, or wherever. That fact that they buy coffee at a restaurant doesn't mean they don't want to make it at home. If SODA announces a partnership with Red Bull, it's going to be huge! You invite your buddies over for a pre-game, make them Red Bull and Vodkas, and head out to the club where you buy more RB&V. Considering the huge price difference, you're going to want a couple more at home and a couple less at the club.

      • Using your logic everybody who likes coffee will just go to Starbucks and there would be no market for home coffee makers. I think that argument was made on the GMCR board 2-3 years ago.

      • i follow it. we shall see if what he says is true on earnings or before. we need to see the sales? if the sales are coming in stronger, the analist will try to break down were the sales are coming from. If sales are strong family use. students, what ever age group. this is an old product just made new again. if it catches on this time around it should be huge. 100 by next earnings and 250.00 by year end

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