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  • tejdem1 tejdem1 Nov 12, 2011 8:03 AM Flag

    conference call

    Flavors were up 100% last q. If you smooth this out they are up 50%. Inventories fluctuate but the trend is allot higher. I think they are having a problem with Empire AB which they had problems in the past. Empire seems to be having financial difficulty like they did in 2009. This part of the world is 25% of the companies revenue so any fear that Empire AB could have an effect on earnings. But with the rest of the world taking off they will soon be 10% of revenue and maybe 5% in two years.

    They should have put a caption in the earnings release with the extra co2 canisters sold. IR told me that the number was 450,000 this q and much less then half that amount last q. So I figure 350000 more then last q which adds 10% to the co2 number.

    Also the other fear i think is a conflict with IRAN. This stock will take off like a rocket ship it just a question of when. Be patient.... Walmart cvs kroger in the wings and I know Costco is doing gangbusters with the product. America soon will be 60% of revenue.

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    • Thank for that insight. I agree on the footnote about CO2..but at least on the CC they did say they were thinking of change the way they deal with this metric. WHICH in my opinion is very necessary. As to Empire AB didn't they say they were close working this out??

      As to Iran, i hope these guys begin manufacture in other part of the world. may have to with all of the demand.

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      • One issue that has not come up but made me think regarding the cost side, is that headquarters and some production coming from a part of Israel which Europe is contending that is part of the West Bank and should not be labeled as 'Made in Israel,' but rather 'Made in Palestine.' CEO in interviews said they employ jews, arabs, pretty much everyone from the area and reports 'everyone is happy.' Then I read a report or two that talks about the revolving door policy, low wages and bad working conditions.

        If, at some point it becomes too much, I worry that relocation and much higher labor cost could significantly reduce profitability.


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