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  • attymdmnola attymdmnola May 11, 2012 11:58 AM Flag

    Going To Get Wet And Wild Soon I Think

    So, non-swimmers-out of the pool.

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    • Atty, could you elaborate on that? I have not enjoyed the last two days ... hard to believe the stock is not going to close the week over $38. Even with the stellar earnings it was only able to get back to where it was pre-GMCR earnings which is and always has been stupid. Why are people so willing to sell their shares for $36? Volume should be so much higher yesterday and today. 12mil on wed and barely any volume yesterday in comparison... why did it dry up so fast? PPS has been ugly ugly ugly. Wal Mart announcement sort of buried beneath the muck still... no real good press release or PR concerning that deal... it will be interesting to see how Wal Mart merchandises SODA... I think the PPS is lame right now relative to all the good stuff that's happening. There is not enough attention being paid to this company... yet.

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      • This is what technicians would describe as a "bullish" flag. Consolidation after a big run, a slight bias to the downside. Traders who played earning and those happy to get their money back, move to the side. This is where you should be setting up for the real money to be made. You have to have patience as this plays out. It may not se fair that GMCR took this down for no reason and that we're only back to where we basically were, but it is what it is. This will break out but you have to give the market the tome to set this up. Might be this afternoon, or next week....but next week is May expiration. That may glue this to 37.5?? Maybe one more shot down to 35??? Then this can run....

      • I just sensed the stock was quiet, it's exposed to extreme volatility and was overdue for a rise in volume and a move in price.That's all I meant.I haven't a clue what SODA will do ST-I don't think anyone does.I know it's a crazy stock UNTIL they fix this float issue.Sorry-that's all I know.But, I;m holding LT I BELIEVE:)

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