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  • ltlorenc ltlorenc May 23, 2012 3:47 PM Flag

    Hey schemp06 - tick tock

    not looking so good for you buddy.

    lol.. $28 huh..

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    • you really are a moron.

      again.. I am LONG at $30.52 / 2300 shares - so blow me.

      how about you? oh wait, you dont have a position.

      keyword in your post is "traded" as in past tense.

      you missed your buy and now you will watch. I have a sell order for $39.52 and I will see that sell before you buy at $28.

      so again, blow me. you are a dooosh and your smart a** posts did not get unnoticed. so now I will point out and remind you that you are making nothing while the stock gets away from you.

      how many times are you going to say you were spot on.. It doesnt matter if you dont have a position. duh.

    • No clue

    • Ah your jealousy is funny. It must suck to have no clue what you are talking about.

      I have absolutely traded this and as I previously stated, have yet to lose any money. Unlike you, and most posters on these boards, I know how to take profits.

      I do find it very amusing that you are so obsessed with whether I have a position or not. I know deep down its just because youre trying to figure out which side of the trade to be on because you know Ive been spot on.

    • Man you two dopes look stupid. Ive been here for a long time. Since last earnings. Go check. But then again you dont do any research before you open your yapper or invest in a stock. And thats why you look stupid and are stuck in this trade.

      AC=ctually, if people listened to me, they saved $ or made some being short. You and the other dope contribute worse than nothing. You claim the stock is going to the moon via a short squeeze and have been completely wrong.

    • Schemp has never announced a position and only says it is going down or up after it has already happened. He has not contributed anything worth while on this board yet. Go back under your bridge troll

    • I might not agree with schemp on everything he writes, but at least he presents cogent bases for his arguments.

      You, OTOH, just come across as a childish a-- looking stupid in the process.

      I happen to have quite a bit of change riding on SODA, essentially even right now at today's close after being down quite a bit. I normally am a day trader, and I violated a rule of daytrading by sticking with SODA after it dived after the earnings spike. However, it really does look like a solid company with lots of growth potential, unlike GMCR, on which I actually made some good money before earning on a day trade, but would not touch with a 10-foot pole as an investment. In fact, probably wouldn't be interested in it any more even as a trade.

      SODA does has some significant resistant points at which nervous nellies (you?) will be happy to sell to break even. But, IMO, it's just a question of time as to how long it will take for SODA to break through. Anyway, sticking around for awhile.

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      • OMG!! again with the Short Squeeze.. good lord man.. can you think of something else.

        its ok.. I know it sucks when you miss your buy order. too bad for you.

        you're funny saying I'm stuck at $37... already told you my buy in average and posted them a week before earnings.

        what you posted in the past doesnt matter, you posted your know it all BS after earnings and have nothing to show for it.

        end of story.

        you missed the downside move and you have no position now. right. no position long or short. just watching and waiting and hoping. but deep inside your gut is telling you that you missed it and you should have bought at $30. But you got greedy. plain and simple and now you pay for your greed by watching the it run away.

        hmmm what to do now???

    • point is you didnt buy even when it broke $30.. dipsh*t

      you look even dumber by calling the drop and not having a position. so who is the dope? I'm in and up over 10%... how about you? oooops. you're on the sidelines watching and still holding out hope for one more pullback.

      you are full of it.. you know and I know you didnt trade anything.. so stop lying to yourself.

      you already said you didnt short it and obviously you didnt buy yet since you're waiting for $28 level and please dont tell me you were trading options because you werent doing that either.

      so what trades have you made? lol

      so pathetic.. all that yappin and yappin and still no position. what a pu**y

    • So you think Im short? From what level? Dope.

      And not saying I am short, but heres some more math for ppl like you who are in at much higher levels but blow their load over a 3% move...still down 10% from earnings and about 30% from last earnings.

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