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  • tejdem1 tejdem1 Feb 16, 2013 12:44 PM Flag

    WMT BUMP! Advertising is paying off big time

    Secaucus, NJ WMT sold 6 machines last week and North Bergen, WMT sold 7 machines.

    The Secuacus WMT followed the average numbers we got from Seth for WMT. This is a serious bump up and if it's sustainable the Dr. John will be proven correct....

    The most I saw from July through late November was 3 a week.

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    • North Bergen NJ, WMT 8 last week and 6 the week before. Secaucus WMT 7,6,3 and 1 machines per week last 4 weeks. North Bergen may have been a 10 for last week but i didn't write the number down fast enough.

    • Secaucus 7 sold for the week. Not sure if it's following the national WMT trend...... Maybe they are running many Sodastream ad's on Spanish TV since it's Hudson county. North Bergen 4 for the week as of Monday night...week ends on Friday

    • blueleon Feb 17, 2013 11:43 AM Flag

      I don't understand your post tejdem1? Seth sends us his detailed store sales every two weeks from Walmart and in July there was 1 week that I'm staring at that they sold 6 units, in august week 2 they sold 6 units and in November they averaged 10 units a week including the black friday week. So, what are you talking about a serious bump? Are you just pumping with this post because the numbers haven't gone up in any big way across Walmart since the super bowl. be truthful because the latest numbers for machines were the worst on record since the company started selling them, am I right or wrong? Be truthful please and don't misinform the board. The syrups seems to be doing very well, but machine sales have done little more than remain constant between 1-3 a week.

      Also to Drjohnlong, can you be more specific about over 40% revenue growth 2013? What was your exact call?

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      • The two stores I mentioned above I follow closely. The Secaucus store since Seth started to release the average per week tends to follow this number. I think we have a bump up post SB is all I'm saying. The most I've seen out of these two stores was 3 per week outside of Dec and late November. We shall see...

    • I'm surprised the board hasn't seen more references to the wager that Seth and I made. I have over 40% revenue growth 2013, he took the opposite. We find out about the first quarter guidance on Wednesday with Soda having 2/3 of the quarter already known... Apprently from the MF, average analyst expects $135 million in revenue form Q4. What is amazing is that Q1 2012 was a sequential beat. Can we do it again? Go Soda!!!!!!

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      • maybe the board doesnt give a sht if you both dropped dead. cash is cold and hard and goes where it is treated best. no one cares about your petty peccadilloes or guesses.

      • DrJ - I believe you will win the bet.
        Retailers have to be thrilled with the sell through this holiday season. Next year will absolutely rock. Retailers will do anything to get people in the front door. A razor blade model like this keeps shoppers coming back.
        - Substantially more variety, shelf space, new machines and support at current retailers this year.
        - Many more retailers next year.
        - Better stock for the holiday season, negating lost sales to out of stocks.
        - Huge difference in margins this year in US.
        - CO2 exchange programs continue to be streamlined.
        - Much more consumer support via advertising and more importantly from publicity.
        +40% - but the real surprise will be on earnings per share from margin expansion from increased plant efficiencies from longer production runs, new plants, flavors produced in US, and initial distribution costs going away.

    • Target had a source on display but none to buy...flavors picked over....Kohls had no diet coke Seth....had the manager check in the back!

    • Keep in mind we had a snow storm last Friday/Sat so maybe that held the number down. The sales week runs from Sat at 1201 am until Friday at 1159PM. Again the question is if it's sustainable....

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