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  • blueleon Jun 5, 2013 6:54 AM Flag


    This is what he wrote in March on his little blog:

    "Should Costco continue carrying Sodastream, and encourage customers to visit competitors for carbonation exchange? Or should they start an exchange program themselves, and perhaps use the standard 60L version? Fewer competitors exchange the 130L version, but the 60L empties quicker so that the customer may make a trip to the store more frequently. Sodastream is awesome in that it really reduces a lot of waste. Seven billion people on the planet means if one out of seven people drink one bottle of soda per day, that is one billion bottles of waste per day. Currently, less than 30% of the bottles are recycled. So using Sodastream really contributes to less waste. However, I doubt Coca-Cola or Pepsi is happy about that. I’m not sure what is Costco’s take either, because their Kirkland Cola, Coke and Pepsi sales are recurring revenue. Why would they want to reduce recurring revenue by selling Sodastream when they do not sell carbonation exchange, nor flavor syrups? Worst, it encourages the customer to buy those elsewhere.
    I think Sodastream is a great company, but in the end, it might not fit Costco’s model unless they too sell carbonation exchange and flavor syrups".

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    • Thanks for setting the record straight blue. Notice I keep saying "should" Costco carry Sodastream, while in the past you keep attacking me saying I said Costco "was" not carrying Sodastream and that I have no knowledge of their distribution channel. Guess what, you don't need knowledge of distribution channel to think of pros and cons of carrying a product.

      Let me use a simple example to show you why. I will summarize our conversation in the past but replace the words Sodastream, Costco with Kindles, and Walmart:
      VeganInvestor: Walmart should no longer carry Kindles since it encourages customers to buy stuff elsewhere.
      Blueleon: Vegan, you have no clue on Walmart's distribution channel and their sales figure.

      Please enlighten me on how understanding Walmart's kindle sales have anything to do with Walmart discontinuing Kindles? The reason why they stopped selling Kindles is because Walmart don't want people to buy stuff on the Kindle.

      I don't understand why after you reading that, yet you still try to attack my character, as if you have an agenda. I've noticed a lot of so called Seth "followers" have an agenda to attack my character. These are the same "followers" that write on different boards pumping CL like in the JCP board. And they always unanimously attack people's character instead of debating on the topic.

      • 2 Replies to veganinvestor
      • Veg - You’ve pretty much nailed Seth right on the money. He first came to my attention with his “Conclusive Variable” analysis on JCP. Stop and think of what the term actually means. It’s an oxymoron. He just made it up like most of the rest of his posts. He and his minions now are counting Facebook “Likes” on the JCP board. LMAO! He has a multitude of ID’s(which will attack immediately upon any questioning of “Der Leader” Seth). Really? I’ve never met anyone in my lifetime I would follow with such dedication and unswerving loyalty.

        What you are dealing with is a pathological liar. He uses a multitude of ID’s to talk to himself and defend himself against “unjust” criticism. In just a few posts I’ve read, he’s claimed to have invented a RFID reader that counts people without any reader cards etc.(there is no such animal). He has two homes in Florida and owns the building(except property records and Dunn and Bradstreet show he doesn’t) that houses his “Team of IT people”, “His research teams that travel the entire country at all times”, his “In house research Staff”, his “Training Institute”, corporate development center which houses our career institute, and assorted other large scale enterprises run out of 400 square feet of office space. I’m impressed, how about you?

        He really needs to come up with some new ID’s. Everyone is getting wise to the old ones. Markjackson, blueleon, DrSoda

        Seth’s corporate campus “Whenever you would like to come to the office please feel free. 1275 W. 47th Place Hialeah, Fl 33012”

      • Bingo!

    • markjackson597 Jun 5, 2013 8:58 AM Flag

      He's not worth the time blue! Obviously his so-called analysis has been wrong for a while.

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