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  • stockscapital stockscapital Jun 16, 2013 3:24 PM Flag

    Merger Monday. Takeover Tuesday

    What's Wednesday called?

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    • FED Wednesday

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      • Really? Newsflash carry traders. That #$%$ is slowly getting priced in. Last one seated, you're out of musical chairs:). Americans will have to learn how to have a healthy market, economic growth and a strong dollar. Now, this should happen momentarily:) without the least bit of volatility. And, I should grow a foot in the next year:) Like my Catholic ex-running buddy always told me, had I attended Catholic school, every report card I would have received from Sister Mary Ann Tuna Fish-sorry-I hadda:)-would have had a check mark by:"Wastes time & annoys others". But, lonay, "one," Veggie Boy et al(wow, that "et al" IS a big crew!!:) remember the two most important sayings by which I live:)

        1)The more people I meet(online counts for this:), the more respect I have for my dog: AND
        2)The difference between a TRUE @zzh@le and an azzh@le like me(or, and this is a high compliment:)-Blue too-he gets a lot of thumbs down proving he's effective) is the TRUE @zzh@le doesn't know he's(women rarely qualify-haven't met one yet:) an @zzh@le!!!:) I've been knowingly!!!! perfecting this "routine" since about age 11 when all the boys got #$%$ and sick and tired that they almost always lost at just about everything-except height:). Remember Veggie Boy-it's a myth that "everyone loves a winner"-its exactly the opposite!!!:)You sleep well and make sure you chow down on peanut butter only!!!!:)

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    • Wednesday

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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