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  • attymdmnola attymdmnola Jun 19, 2013 4:06 PM Flag

    Get OUT Of AAPL

    Or don't.Your $$$$$$.

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    • Hello Atty. This is your lowly protege. Please don't be to hard on me for the idiotic question that is to follow.

      I sense by your post that you think apple may be going lower. Is there any concern that it won't, due to the large buyback that was issued. Will the buyback put a floor on the stock price or can institutional/retail selling cause it to go to $350.

      Humbly, your lowly protege.....Stockscapital

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      • It's not an idiotic question Stocks. It's a very controversial issue mainly because soooo many people "married" AAPL and that's a huge mistake. Stocks are just all #s in the end. I love Soda, but should she top out(it will take years IMO), I'm done with her-and I'm out now even though I love her mainly because I sold first because of an operation and was just building back my position when Barclays put out that idiotic(IMO) PT of $100(which I figured would sell off)with NO time factor so I sold and couldn't get back in because I felt she's extended. Still do AND the market is dangerous for High Betas now IMO. So, since I'm diversified and disciplined, I have to wait for the right time. LT, she's almost surely a winner, but, as I've said, only folks like Cold who has, let's just say, a sizeable position and the expertise can just buy every dip. I don't roll that way, nor do I have his bankroll!!!:).I've set forth my reasoning on AAPL here many times(for years since several years ago I bet a poster that GOOG would outperform AAPL). At first, it seemed that I was losing the bet as AAPL actually exceeded GOOG in PPS. Well, my thesis was a Longterm one. And, clearly, with hindsight, (no bragging from the "omnipotent"-might use that one while I think:), I was very right. You wan't he whole story Stocks because I like you. Seriously-you're a good soul IMO and I would love to help. If so, just say so because the explanation IS pretty long. I'll post it for you and don't apologize for asking a question. It's those folks that DON'T ask questions that are the fools:)Let me know-I have the luxury of time:)

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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