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  • attymdmnola attymdmnola Jun 23, 2013 9:38 AM Flag

    I Pity You Aqua

    But, I won't stoop to your level. You have no idea how I conducted myself when I WAS a lawyer, and it's pretty funny how lawyers get accused of this and that until someone needs one. Then, they always ask me for the meanest, nastiest one I know.Well, I didn't know any such lawyers who I would recommend.Don't embrace peace? Well now, that's a huge shock.But, I'll tell you this buddy, don't ever attack the sincerity of my postings-period

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    • Aqua doesn't reveal his profession, if he has one. Sounds like he may be a scuba diver or water tester. Either is honorable.To denigrate another's profession is striking out as would a child. I know, I've been there and have lived to regret it. It's cowardly to vilify someone from the cloak of anonymity. Man up board members and try to be civil. Just my two cent's worth.

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      • As expected from Donald:) Class-100%.This Board belongs to noone. It is here for sharing information, or in my case(to each his own) some humor, entertainment or banter, especially when thing aren't going well with Soda or the market.My postings that are serious re Soda, this market or other stocks are mean to share my opinion-people who respect my opinion can use it at their will. Those who don't? Their choice-matters not to me.Just trying to help.I have a bunch of free time and MANY hobbies. I just happen to watch the market all day unless I can't for personal reasons. It's a "passion" for me and any $$$$$ I make, I make sure to give an amount(personal) of same to the less fortunate. Hope all's well Donald. That backside healed yet?:)

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