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  • attymdmnola attymdmnola Jun 29, 2013 11:51 AM Flag

    What A 24 Hours!!!:)

    First, last night, a box was dropped from Fed Express with my Gilchrist and Soames shampoo, soap and conditioner.OK, no Big deal really.
    But, TODAY!!!! I went with the dog to the front door(only time she gets to go into front of house:) to get the paper.Huge box outside-from SodaStream.Shopping stores just doesn't work for me(they are always out of at least one of my flavors plus there's human interaction:). so I guess I don't show up in Tej's channel checks.I'm sure online sales are kept somewhere, but I don't much care because I KNOW SODA is selling like hotcakes.
    Anyhoo...BIG Box because I bulk order.SIX bottles of Diet Cola-no caffeine.SIX bottles of Diet Energy(mixes well with plain Soda, a shot of Pink Grapefruit and an inch of Vodka:) Pool drink:).Six bottles of Diet Cranberry/Rasberry which I add to the Cola to make it kind of Cherry Colaish...but...a NEW flavor!!! Diet Cherry Cola-only it has caffeine so only FOUR bottles.And a new one(to me anyway:)-Diet Cola with Lime which is how I ordered Diet Colas in restaurants.Only got TWO cuz not sure if any good.Still have AT LEAST 20 bottles here of flavors I'll likely never use.Wish I had someone to whom I could give them.I mailed em once if you recall, but he said they never got there(Oregon I think) and the cost of mailing was as much almost as the bottles!!
    Yea, Soda is a fad alright!!! LOL!!!!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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