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  • markbettg Jul 5, 2013 10:38 AM Flag

    Interesting Thoughts


    Bought and sold SODA a couple times now, I’m definitely not a full time investor.
    I’ve watched, and read this Message Board for several months. As with anything we read on da inderweb it’s taken with caution. Over the past Months a trend has appeared (I know how you all like trends) of posts that try and offer a point of view regarding SODA and others that don’t.
    Although I applaud those that put their thoughts on SODA out there for the rest of us, it’s still just that- Their thoughts.
    Then there are other Posters that use the Message Board for their own self gratification.
    Over the years we’ve come to call those afflicted with that problem as having “Small Pen!s Syndrome”. The main Symptom being- sitting in front of your computer (anonymously and usually naked) attacking the other posters.
    For those that make a solid attempt to offer your thoughts on SODA, thank you!
    For those that sit behind naked your computer attacking, get out of your mommy's basement and pull your pants up

    This topic is deleted.
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