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  • phballa4life phballa4life Jul 12, 2013 4:30 PM Flag

    pretty bad couple of weeks for SODA investors...

    nothing has changed though.... (besides the share price :))...long term, if management executes according to plans, we will have $1B in sales in the next 2 years with $7.25 eps & trading at 20 times earnings and 3 times sales....thats a $3B market cap or $150 a share....

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    • sodastream international will never achieve a billion dollars in revenue with their present line of products. they will need additional products to augment growth to that level.

    • also factor in retail supermarkets throughout the US and Canada and Mexico. Presently, the company as I have written does not have the manufacturing nor distribution outlet to stock the millions of supermarket shelves with their product. This would be an enormous undertaking but if they are able to do this, the stock will make you a fortune. Most of your bulk sales of soda for family consumption are purchased at the supermarkets. Coke and Pepsi will do everything in their economic power to not let this happen just like they stopped the original Superbowl commercial from airing. If they can penetrate all the major supermarkets in the U.S. the share price will well exceed $150 and more likely double or split. It depends on the skill and tenacity of management.

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