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  • martinitony martinitony Jul 13, 2013 8:21 AM Flag

    When earnings release happens

    SODA will hit or exceed every estimated metric. Guidance will be good. Within 30 days after targets will be raised from current average of about $77 to an average of about $82. Oppenheimer will agree and raise its guidance also. The stock price will steadily rise over a month or so to about $75-$80.
    Then another moron analyst will say it's overbought and it will fall back to the low $70s or high $60s.
    As the shorts used to say, rinse and repeat. In two years we will be complaining about SODA falling back to $130 from $150.

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    • nice to see someone is on the ball and understands growth of this company...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • blueleon Jul 13, 2013 9:14 AM Flag

      There are a few inaccuracies in your post Martintony so I'm gonna help you out here. First Oppenheimer doesn't issue guidance, they issue projections. Second, if you read the report and the previous one you would probably understand that the analyst is in deep doo doo because he gave faulty reasons for raising their price target last time as it was proven in June results from NPD. Oppenheimer is not in the game and probably won't be until December, maybe! Your stock rising prediction doesn't fit with any of the past post earnings announcements in Q2 or even me your prediction makes little sense, I hope youre right but I aint holding my breath. So far as moron analysts how come to you they weren't morons when they were raising the price targets left and right, knowing the shareholder ownership hadn't changed and the stock's composition (as Seth would say) hadn't changed. I'm going to offer you some constructive criticism so don't take it any other way. You're post, and i'm just using your terms, is just as moronic as the would be analyst who would say the stock is overbought when it reaches your suggest $75-$80. Do you know why? Because it completely negates SODA's true PE which is 20. IT IS JUST THAT SIMPLE! And I'm only saying this because you obviously didn't read the Oppenheimer report and I wouldn't want newbees to take it as fact.

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      • Sorry for what you saw as an ambiguity, but I was not referring to guidance, but was suggesting Oppenheimer would again raise their target. Secondly the reference to moron is not to all analysts, just the one fool who will again suggest that SODA is overbought.
        Do you really not see this cycle that SODA moves through? Most companies growing earnings and revenues at this rate and having loads of potential growth would be selling at about 30 times earnings which means closer to $90 than $60.
        What is your problem? You seem full of hate and just attack a simple post that was made to reflect what most here sense is true, made in a way to suggest to all that we would see a comeback as we have been routinely seeing for the last two years.

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