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  • aqualung53 aqualung53 Jul 24, 2013 8:55 AM Flag

    Better to wait till earnings

    Because history tells you no matter the earnings report it tanks the first few days then takes off. Your money

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    • Not many people have consistently made money for a long period of time (decades) by predicting the short term. But a lot have consistently made money by predicting the long term. So I go with the belief that short term is unpredictable and the best way to make money from great long term companies is to sell put options (insurance). A win win scenario, either make some free premium, or forced to buy at a much lower cost basis.

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      • I agree on the long term view. What the company must do to continue accelerated growth is find new markets in addition to retail outlets. The biggest market for the company I believe are the major supermarkets in the US and Canada. My concern is with their model that might be objectioable to the executives of thes chains. For example, These suermakets chains sell bread but not a machine they makes bread . Sodastream does not sell soda but the machine and the rproducts that go with the machine. If they can overcoem this hurdel and can get shelf space for their machines and the flavors and CO2 cannisters, the story will change for the comapny dramtically. That to me is the major hurdel that must be overcome. If so then this company will takes revues from Coke and Pepsi. These Soda giants might use their economic clout to prevent this penetration with the Supermarkets. Time will tell. I hope the company can pull of. Any thoughts?

      • Is your reference towards selling "uncovered" or "cash secured" puts?

      • I agree with you. Good luck

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