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  • rlolsen_1999 rlolsen_1999 Jul 24, 2013 10:41 AM Flag

    The board maybe wrong assuming that at earnings the history pattern will repeat

    Watching Soda perform since going public I understand where the message board is coming from. The anticipation of a Soda a quick downturn then a climb . This time my gut is telling me this qtr. maybe will react a little different. As everyone is aware Soda follows closely to the PE ratio of GMCR. Currently GMCR is running around 28+ . This qtr Soda is trailing GMCR , usually it's the other way around and then Soda adjusts. Second the anticipation of the US market growth, a plus, will be close to the US investor which will be contra to the KO/PEP soda non=growth. Third and this is an assumption on my part Soda will announce some new country expansion and/or add't partnership , and kill the rumors on looking for a buyout suitor. With that said we may not see a quick climb to the 77 but we may see a gradual climb . My take. Good luck everyone.

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    • can't understand if NFLX and FB can run PE's around 600 why a growing company like SODA can't move ahead on speculation...there are most likely many more soda drinkers across the world than NFLX users

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    • Good call about looking for a buyout suitor. I don't know if it makes sense logistically since I haven't done any diligence but from an objective standpoint, a buyout makes sense for this type of product.

    • Regarding a major announcement, if Sodastream were to announce that they are enerting agreements with all the major supermarket chains in the U.S that would be a game changer. Supermarkets have two aisles dedicated to sodas of all types. If Sodastrean can get shelf space with these major chains that would raise eyebrows becuase it would show future growth potential. Whether the chains would permit sales of the machine unit I am not certain since small kitchen appliances are usually sold at retail outlets. To penetrate the supermakets would require an enormouns manufactuing capaity and distribution. If this were to happen the stock would soar.

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