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  • phballa4life phballa4life Jul 24, 2013 9:56 PM Flag

    why are there so many dang shorts on SODA?

    ....I am very confused on why their continues to be so many bears on SODA...the company has continuously under promised, over delivered on earnings, is projecting 1B in revenue in the next 3 years....

    1B in sales x a price/sales multiple of 3=$3B market cap
    1B in sales x 15% net income = $150 million in earnings*20pe =$3B market cap...

    we are currently trading at a market cap of $1.21B....

    so unless you are betting on Iran blowing up Israel, I really don't understand the short theory here.....

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    • goldenseth Jul 25, 2013 4:14 AM Flag

      This might help you to better understand why:

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      • Do you think SODA management will respond well at the CC to inquiries regarding GMCR?If they don't, and I believe they can, SODA will take another major drop no matter what the numbers show, IMO. Two years ago at this time managements poor response to questions caused a major long lasting drop. Hopefully, they will be prepared for the obvious questiuons to come.

      • You got a writer on Motley Fool who states things like this without looking any deeper:

        "Investors that believe in the hype (and potential profitability) of single serving soda products should dump shares of SodaStream and invest in Green Mountain Coffee, which has already asserted its clear dominance in the single serving coffee products. I think it’s game over for SodaStream as it was just a matter of time before a much larger competitor enters the market."

        No understanding of the business or distribution system. KO with a market cap of $181B (compared to GMCR's $11B) would build machines if they thought it was a good idea.

    • You're not the only one... sometimes a stock just offers itself at a discount.

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