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  • aqualung53 aqualung53 Jul 25, 2013 7:29 AM Flag

    When Oppenheimer downgraded Soda Seth bailed out of the board

    Sorry Seth, when we where looking for answers you said to go the "traders board". Many could not like myself because we have a free email address. You basically abandoned the board. Why are you still here?

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    • goldenseth Jul 25, 2013 7:40 AM Flag

      No sir, sorry that was your experience, but everyone who e-mailed me received the Oppenheimer report directly. All you had to do was e-mail me for it. Free e-mail or not makes no difference. I never received an e-mail from you.

    • You acted like Seth could be pulled out of your pocket at any given time to answer any doubts you had. Dude, you should really look at what your saying because its real bad from where im standing! Your wimpy tactics lead me to believe someones been wiping your #$%$ all your life. Sorry to sound so mean but this is how your coming off. You get free advice from an analyst and you complain because he didnt rescue you from.your sheer terror about Oppenheimers downgrade! Go do your own homework!

    • Aqualung - I think it's unfair to say that Seth "abandoned" the board. Access to "Traders Talk" is one of the benefits that comes with a subscription to Capital Ladders. You can't reasonably expect to get for free what others pay for. I think it's a testament to Seth's generosity that he comes on the board and and provides so much relevant information and so many valuable insights. You have to remember his business is to sell the information and insights he develops on SODA. The time he spends on this board is time he spends away from paying customers and conducting research; in other words, it is a gift to everyone on the board. I was so impressed by the information and insights he provided that I became a subcriber of Capital Ladders. Give the guy a break; he has to make a living just like the rest of us. GLTA. - Jim

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      • Just understand this man also claims he gathers proprietary information through a proprietary RFID device that doesn't use tags, and is one inch in size. Quite unrealistic in tagless identification and battery capacity, even Apple would not be able to make such a breakthrough device, so believe in what you want people.

      • goldenseth Jul 25, 2013 8:16 AM Flag

        Trader Talk is actually a free message board service for users of record. The reports however are not free but we feel priced reasonably for those who do not wish to subscribe. Glad you find the information informative Jim, can't with them all!

        Let's not make this about me though Aqua, you are talking SODA so I answered to the best of my ability including the profit margins post. Notice the inaccuracy of that post and maybe dedicate some time to read through SODA's transcript from Q1 2013 again. You might find some more useful information there.

    • Aqualung53 are you serious? Go back and check, Seth didn't abandon anyone, he welcomed all. I don't see others complaining about the free advice that he graciously offers without any obligation to do so whatsoever. Quit your whining and quit expecting that somebody owes you something, THEY DON'T.

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