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  • videofunder videofunder Jul 26, 2013 12:23 PM Flag

    Earnings move up

    Guys - we know earnings were moved up by a week. Companies just don't do that unless there is a reason. What could it be? Anyone have a educated guess? I think earnings will be better than expected, but I am worried I have noticed advertising in the US dropped significantly this quarter...any thoughts?

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    • They want to tell you the bad news quickly. And you are right about ads dropping fast in the USA. Why? I for one, decided to go to GMCR. Looks like the better buy now. Good luck

    • They wanted to get out their positive results as soon as possible, kill all of the bad rumors since they are in the quiet period, and add any positive partnerships & growth. The mgt. is on top of this . In their reply to me before the earnings date was announced was they wanted to report as quick as possible once all of the data was available. They couldn't give any details but reading in between the lines they have the best interest of the investor to put out their earnings as soon as possible. The mgt. team is top notch and they continue to execute to their plan. All these short rumors always surface right before earnings.

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    • Videofunder....earnings are being released early because management is doing what they can to reassure investors. Advertising is down in the US because the main selling season in Europe is in the summer while it is over the holidays in the US. Soda is focusing marketing $ in Europe to coincide with the Source machine rollout. We will see a tremendous push in the US over the holidays. If sales were below management's targets in the US you would see more marketing. The US is 40% of Soda's market and after spending most of their marketing $ in the US the past few years it is time to turn their attention to bolster Europe. Tej is telling us that Soda machines are outselling coffee machines in Europe. I think the quarter will be just fine. More importantly forward guidance should be reassuring.

    • Earnings should be released as quickly as possible to avoid their unauthorized release by employees or auditors. So, think about it. You can only get them ready as fast as the information for their completion becomes available. Newer companies, depending upon their business, might take a few days longer to get them out. So, SODA is not as new as they were and maybe the systems are improved and the processing faster.
      Also, because of the volatile nature of SODA, I believe there are more Geckos out there trying to get the inside scoop. I believe it is fear on the part of management that inside information could get out there that is causing the earnings date to be moved up.

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      • drjohnlong thank you for your anaysis it is appreaciated
        My long term hope is that the company can penetrate all the major supermarkets in the US and Canada. This market has hughe volumn sales for alltypes of sodas. Presently the company is focused in selling their machine in retail stores usch as Bed, bath and macy's. But future markets must be tapped to ensure future growth. Will the supermarket executives be willing to dedicate shelf space to allow the company to sell their machines in the aisles where soda is sold together with the sryrups and CO2 cannisters?
        The supermarkets sell bread but not machines to make bread.;Soda stream does not sell soda but the machines to make soda. Can the company convice the supermarkets to change this mindset?
        If the company can get shelf space in all the major supermarkets this would require a tremendous ramping in manufacturing and distribution channels to meet the demand. Is this the next phase for the company to explore?

        Your thoughts appreciated.

      • goldenseth Jul 26, 2013 12:39 PM Flag

        Happy Halloween, trick or treat

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