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  • goldenseth Jul 31, 2013 9:59 AM Flag


    Story remains in tact as expected. No flies on the report, but don't put it past Daniel to come out with India announcement in near term. Don't have to address rumors with words when you have actions that can serve to move the needle more so.

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    • Does anyone know why the 7 percent drop after hours?

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    • Dr J I think your onto something. India has to be around the corner. The only issue is Soda has to pace their capacity. Good problem to have.

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    • goldenseth

      Thanks for your insights. Wanted to run by these thoughts for your to consider as additional market opportunities:
      1. I envision that the company will come up with a model that an be bolted down to allow for use on small pleasure boats and yachts. I have been on a pleasure boat and saw how the owner had to sweat and strain brining on board cases of soda and then have to dispose of them. Having a model that can be bolted down allows for use in rocky waters and saves on space. There are thousand of such type boats in the U.S.
      Also a bolted down version could be used in 5 star hotels throughout the world in key cities such as Paris, Rome, London. Some of these hotel rooms have liquor cabinets. Such a machine would be a nice feature for use as a seltzer or use in mixed drinks. By having a bolt down model prevents stealing. Also such a model might be used in luxury liners as well and private jets.
      2. If the company got an endorsement from a major environmental group such as the Sierra Club or the Cousteau society or a big city mayors, these would show that the company has a tremendous advantage over Coke and Pepsi who would be seen as polluters. Mayors who have to deal with trash disposal might endorse the company since it would help minimize local government trash costs.
      3. At football and baseball stadiums you see in the outfield billboard posters use for advertisements and in Europe there found especially in soccer stadiums. Coke and Pepsi use these billboards to market their sodas. Sodastream needs to get into the act as well.These will be ideal place to advertise Sodastream. . We are talking about millions of fans who either attend the games or see the games on T.V. These fans will notice the sodastream advertisements which will give the company greater exposure. I can see a billboard type screen that actually shows a woman making a soda. This would be a great marketing ploy..

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      • goldenseth Jul 31, 2013 5:15 PM Flag

        Don't need to bolt anything down, the main advantage you have in this product is its portability, I don't think you want to take that characteristic out of the equation. In Florida, several marina shops sell sodastream including the Yachting Gourmet, so that particular industry is being serviced adequately with the current product line. As it pertains to a more commercial model such as in any of the industries you have mentioned, that is exactly what SodaStream Pro or SO offers right now. They can be found in over 350 restaurants around the world currently. My full report offers greater insights into SO and what developments are taking place with regards to this division of SodaStream. As noted, SO is looking to expand from 350 points of use to 1,500 points of use by year end. Big Push in NYC right now and have named partnerships as well.

        Advertising I think we can all offer ideas, but the company has been very effective in their developing advertising campaigns as results have proven. World Cup 2014 next summer, Brazil, a SodaStream market, so maybe, just maybe your suggestion takes hold on the worlds biggest stage. The World Cup is grande in every measure!

    • Yes Seth, thanks for all your insights. Sold a small portion of my trading position yesterday but kept the majority and the core long term position is still in tact. Having you around strengthens my conviction that I sort of had when I first invested in the fall of 2011. What a ride! I think today's price launch will turn into a runaway gap that will not be filled. Should be the second highest volume trading day in SODA.

    • Hey Seth, I'm a terrible trader. But I know to hold on to a good stock like a dog on a bone. Thanks for all your work. I don't know of any other stock where the public has been so well served by an analyst.

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