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  • biztechnologies biztechnologies Aug 17, 2013 3:28 PM Flag

    Whirlpool / Kitchen Aid / SODA

    It was announced that in 4th quarter Whirlpool will be integrating SODA's technology in their devices.

    This sounds like a big opportunity for many reasons and it is close. However, I do not hear much about this.
    Do you think it will be a meaningful amount of units in 13 or 14.

    What are expectations?

    Is this a milestone event once they start appearing on shelves?
    How many new doors do you think SODA technology will appear?

    I assume they will need to buy our canisters?

    Will they need to buy our bottles to?

    Will we make much from initial sales or just the consumables once installed.

    Seems to me like this could be very important but I do nto hear much talk about it.

    Any feedback appreciated.

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    • goldenseth Aug 17, 2013 7:25 PM Flag

      Its only important because they will be using SodaStreams patents and CO2. However, much like the product itself, soda maker, it will be a slow moving product. I wouldn't expect anything more than what Cuisinart produces in sales, maybe a little more because of the CO2 but not much. The name is still SodaStream in the eyes of the consumer. I would expect a 15 :1 sales ratio in favor of a SodaStream soda maker sale, h better than that of SodaStream : Cuisinart sales ratio. Again, only thing that really matters is the moat being demonstrated and some incremental sales which should grow in the future.

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      • Seth, Thanks.

        But will this relationship get SODA in many doors that presently do not offer CO2. I assume Kitchenaid has presence in many locations that SODA does not - this seems to have the potential to be meaningful volume... Do you not agree?

        FYI: It seems I am having issues navigating your new site design at capitalladders - unless there has been no new content. I can not find any new content in past several days??? Any advice on site navigation is appreciated.

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