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  • marlinsblue61 marlinsblue61 Sep 29, 2013 9:49 AM Flag

    Observations of this squabble board

    It is obvious that this board has a handful of Soda fanatics that will try to ridicule or outright be insulting to ANYONE that has any type of criticism of Soda. The ring leader seems to be a guy called Seth who acts more like a pumper than an analyst. here is what I see with Soda and this girls club:

    Soda has good management but low morals. They have a viable product that is growing but does not care about breaking international law, operating in occupied Palestinian lands, and taking advantage of tax laws to manufacture in such lands.
    Seth is basically a pumper. He is the ring leader that flashes analyses after analysis without the justifications that pertain to the extra ordinary risks associated with this stock.
    There are the little girls here that hide behind a computer and bash anyone that says any criticism of Soda no matter whether it is a ridiculous statement or factual comments.
    They will accuse you of being this aqua guy even if you sound just a little bit like the guy. I don't care what this idiot aqua has done or said.
    Soda has risks of blowing up if they miss any metrics, is always looking behind their backs being in the Middle East, has outrage many for occupying lands, and has increasing competition that may or may not materialize.You want to take those risks God bless you.
    Soda is a good short candidate as shown by the large amount of short interest. Quite frankly based on valuation and growth, it should be a 90 dollar stock stuck in neutral.
    On a sensitive note, there seems to be a biased both negative and positive for this stock. One group hates the stock because it is Israeli. Another loves the stock because it is Israeli. With emotions flying high from both camps all it leads is to insults, bigotry, racism, and no analysis.
    Now comes the insults from the groups reading these comments. I was a cop in Arizona for three years before becoming a safety engineer so take your best shot. Retired, relax, happy with my young wife, and enjoying life.

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