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  • rbg5r rbg5r Sep 29, 2013 11:33 AM Flag

    The Riccaro Money Flow Quotient has recently signaled a buy on DNKN.

    This growth prospect continues to attract positive money flows. A buy is recommended.

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    • Rbg5r - Is DNKN "void and free of class actions" like SODA? How can you, one who doesn't know the first thing about securities law, know the answer? Also, why do you give Riccaro Money Flow Quotient recommendations (something you think has any value) to a board that considers you a baffoon and thinks your quotient is snake oil? You can't seriously think you are going to get any takers for the Riccaro Quotient?

      Your obsessive need for the board's approval is only exceeded by your need for the board's attention. Your need for approval and attention has passed embarrassing and has arrived at pathetic, and it is excruciating to watch you continue down that road. Please find another venue to post, one where the curtain hasn't been pulled back to expose you. GLTA.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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