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  • rbg5r rbg5r Sep 29, 2013 6:33 PM Flag

    This weekend I visited Salt Springs, Fl in the Ocala National Forest.

    I needed some hiking supplies so I went to the local walmart. I asked one of the associates where the sodastream display was, He didnt know. I looked, I finally found it. Yes, it was a end cap, a reverse end cap in the middle of a aisle. Surprisingly, there was NO sodastream dispensers. There was NO famous named syrups. None. Only sodastream generics. There was , one replacement co3 cartridge for 29 dollars. That was it. Either these things are selling so well in September of this year, or something is wrong, because no one is restocking the shelves. This was at noon, September 29, 2013. Those are the facts. Call the store if you want. east silver springs blvd.

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    • goldenseth Sep 30, 2013 7:00 AM Flag

      No my friend you are not being truthful and I have a picture of the end-cap which does in fact have all the licensed brands, Kool-Aid, Crystal Light and Country Time. You are accurate that they only had one spare carbonator which is why I don't understand the need to be deceptive on the other account. They also received the new MOD and have 8 Source machines on order with the store being behind 2 trucks now. Remember, this is the time of year where stores are hit with 2-3 trucks a night because they are going to set Christmas plan-o-grams right after Halloween. So all the Christmas merchandise and new plan-o-grams are going to be set then and the merchandise is coming in now. When you call this location, simply as for Samantha or Lisa and they will validate the truth. This store is behind two trucks presently and has all product in inventory, just has to roll it out over the course of the week. This store sold the last two Jet machines they had last week, one on the 25th and the other on the 28th with no promotional activity. Did you eat at the Steak and Shake on the corner, don't, not good stuff lol. Sorry, but this is what you call a more conclusive post and accurate account of a retail channel check. You forgot to tell the board participants that they have 2 full boxes of exchange carbonators ready to go back and only one set of bottles on the shelf. Also, why didn't you know that this was a new MOD since the store never had the Source before and yet their was a new Source White label representing where the $.01 label indicator was? Did you need find it odd to see a $.01 label? Don't worry, we all forgive your lack of knowledge and frankly, that is what I'm here for. Should have given me a call, we could have met up and gotten to know the back end of Prickly Pete. Be well my friend and I hope I helped you better understand how to perform a retail channel check.

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