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  • binkinc binkinc Oct 31, 2013 8:41 PM Flag

    Seth and company need to leave the yahoo Sodastream board for a couple of weeks.....

    All they do is damage the fundamentals. They update WAY TOO MUCH and it looks PATHETIC!!!!!

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    • Seth is damaging the fundamentals? Sure, that makes sense. If you want to be an informed investor you should want, and appreciate, the information provided by Seth. Did the Kmart news not help you decide how to react to the price decline? Where else was that reported? (agreed something as simple as an announcement on the SodaStream Facebook page would be a good practice). What needs to happen is fewer people posting ?s directly to Seth, requesting answers to information that has often previously provided/discussed, leave the guy alone already, he's not shy about sharing important information. Disclaimer: I'm not a Capital Ladders client. This board can really get dumb, I'm surprised nobody has posted whether anyone has seen Yonah and Seth in the same room together or not.

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      • Kzarley - I'm sure that Seth appreciates your defending him against the charge that he is damaging the fundamentals of SODA, but I know the sad truth and I can keep silent no longer. Binkinc is right: Seth controls the fundamnetals of SODA (and many other companies as well) and he is intentionally damaging them. Seth has some sort of machine (I'd call it computer but it regularly bellows steam and burps fire, which suggests a more sophisticated and sinister nature) with which he can undo SODA sales that have been made and increase expenses the company is responsible for. He uses the machine with scalpel like precision, and is able to manipulate SODA's stock price for his own purposes from his sunshine-filled lair.

        As bad and reprehensible as that is, it gets worse. Seth's Oz-like machine can also control future events unrelated to the stock market, as well as the weather. For what I consider an exorbitant fee, Capital Ladders' subscribers can pay to assure that something they want to occur will occur, and that it does so on a sunny day. I can't tell you how much it cost me to have the Red Sox win the series at Fenway, but it was worth every penny.

        Don't fall for Seth's "pay no attention to the Floridian behind the curtain" protestations of innocence. He and he alone is responsible for all the numbers on SODA's balance sheet and, thus, wholly responsible for the slide in the company's stock price. Don't let anyone tell you different. You can trust me on this one. Honest. Really.

        Lastly, I think everyone on this board owes their thanks to Binkinc for having the guts to put the blame for SODA's miniscule revenues miss on the one person who is responsible. It took a lot of courage to put the responsibility of a "bad" quarter on Seth, especially when he doesn't even work for SODA. Most people would have stayed silent, shrinking in the face of rationality, fairness, and logic. What would we do without someone like Binkinc? I shutter to think.

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      • I can say that I have seen Yonah, Daniel & Seth in the same room.

    • Seth is laughing all the way to the bank. While you clowns were buying up SODA, he was selling and shorting all the way. A shame you fell for his #$%$, but the SEC will make things right, count on that!

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