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  • lapster9 lapster9 Nov 2, 2013 5:25 PM Flag

    Anecdotal evidence in support of CL's Q3 Recap

    I just took a look at Seth's quarterly recap, and I have to agree with him from an anecdotal standpoint. Not to beat a dead horse here, but it was very clear to me about the stocking situation at Walmart. I live in Portland, Oregon, and during the quarter, I noticed that Walmart had a lot of out of stock syrups. At first, I thought it was a fluke. Then, as I started checking up on it further, I kept noticing that the stocking did not improve. In fact, it was so bad, that I would say on average, 1/3 of the syrups were completely out, another 1/3 of the syrups only had 1 or 2 in stock, and the remaining 1/3 of syrups had a fair to full stock.

    The Walmart stock was on average so bad that the syrups left were often in the wrong storage slot that did match the product tag description on the shelf. I believe that was due to the fact that someone would pick up the last of the Strawberry syrup, for instance, take a look at it, and then place it back in one of the emply shelf slots not knowing that they stuck in the wrong slot because there were just so many empty slots available. People naturally place product back in its slot for the most part if it there is product behind it that visually matches what they pick up.

    The situation at Walmart is in distinct contrast to what I see at BBBY stores, where I now see them so fully stocked that the shelves are warping and bowing down under the weight of the syrups. I normally feel better about the success of the product when I can see that they are selling out of them. However, I know that is not necessarily the case, as a retail store might be just be making sure that they consistently have full stock.

    Unfortunately, if my local Walmart store is no exception, I can guarantee you that Walmart (& Soda) lost some sales in Q3 due to being out of stock consistently across about 1/3 of their syrups.

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    • Update: I just went to WalMart to check on the inventory stock. They had 48 syrups storage bays, and 12 of them were completely out. There were about 5-7 more bays that only had 1 or 2 syrup flavors left.

    • I just got back from Target and Staples. Target had a very small display of flavors, 20 items. 4 of them were Kool Aid. I was there looking for Crystal Light Peach Tea and /or diet energy. They did have Crystal Light Strawberry Energy. I hate it. Tastes like bubble gum.
      Staples, surprisingly had more variety, 27 items total, only 2 types of Kool aid. Again no Crystal Light Peach Tea.
      My understanding is that there are currently some 65 flavors available for Sodastream.
      I was not expecting all 65 flavors, but the stock seemed low at both stores. I know this is only anecdotal experience. However, if several more of you would report back what's going on at store you visit, it is no longer anecdotal, it is trend. Please find some time and visit a store or two. Tomorrow I will visit the closest Walmart and maybe BBB.
      Because it is no longer practical for me to order direct, I am concerned that my favorite flavors will not be readily available. I am interested in anybody else's thoughts on what appears to me to be a shortage.
      I will also add that total stock at both locations was far less than I have noticed before when there were even fewer flavors available.

    • johnlastnameq Nov 3, 2013 10:58 AM Flag

      I just read it also! I agree with this being just an "anomaly" as he puts it and with all those new retailers he name it looks like the CEO might sandbagging.

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