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  • papakoz papakoz Dec 17, 2013 9:54 AM Flag

    SodaStream - Survey Results

    Now we're talking my language! As a profession, I am in quantitative market research, so when I saw the press release this morning with SodaStream's outsourced survey results, the research nerd inside of me got excited. At the 95% confidence interval, these results range with a variance of +/- 1.30% and +/- 2.17%. ROCK SOLID results. Meaning, statistically valid and you can pretty much hang your hat on them.

    So, with 70 million households (USA alone) drinking soda, 50% of them would welcome a soda maker in their house. 50. Not 2%, or 10%....50%. This still is with very little product/category recognition accomplished in the US in my opinion. From an investor's perspective, this is material for two reasons.

    1. Validates the true market potential in the U.S.
    2. Provides fact based research to SODA management to aggressively pursue this potential.

    Very few strategic decisions are made without it being research backed.

    SodaStream Surveys Americans on Holiday Gifting and Celebrating
    Survey Finds Almost Half of American Adults Would Like to Receive a Carbonated Beverage Maker this Year

    (The rest of the results are in the PR which you can find on Yahoo news feed) GL Longs

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    • The survey results (PR) just hit MarketWatch now. And it's being distributed to local news affiliates and being pushed out by each local ABC News channel/site. Grass roots baby.

    • Good update. It's been bugging me lately how low the analysts have pegged 2014 revenue growth. They have the 1st qtr above 26% yet for the year they have around 19%. I don't think they understand the razor blade concept with Soda. Soda's established base that grew in 2013 will produce add't growth in 2014 with co2 and syrups. Not counting add't growth in US and other countries. Also we would assume they will be adding new countries to their list. The 2014 revenue growth will have to be at least 25-30% range. Not even talking the earnings. With brick and mortar in place for 2014 growth earnings and cash flow will be very positive.
      One item that Soda could do to help PR is maybe a 3 year plan to phase out West Bank activity. The cost associated with that would pay for itself in positive pr. Where this item cannot be measured it does have to weigh on the stock price from time to time.

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    • Papa, as a sociologist I also work with stats. I found this survey surprising given that product recognition is still in its infancy. 50% is huge.

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