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  • silvervtmns silvervtmns Dec 31, 2013 10:11 AM Flag

    I have owned both X and Soda for appx 6 mos


    Never would've guessed US Steel would've outperformed by such a large margin! They brought in new leadership and stock has outperformed the market .... oh but wait, SODA is building book value..... new CEO please! We need an activist investor to shake this up and bring out the value. If they screw this qtr up I hope all on this board will join me in my call for new leadership

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    • Please explain what SODA has to do with X. I can state many examples of companies whose stock under performed and out performed SODA in 2013. The thing I noticed about SODA is "bad" news is publicized and good news ignored. I have yet to see point of sales figures for SODA for the past holiday, but the Green Mountain patent and a potential KO involvement has been well publicized. I will reserve my judgement until next quarter figures are out. Meanwhile, despite stock weakness, I will hold.

    • Guessing gets one in a lot of difficulty. This is not about fundamentals of the company. This is about the big money being short. They have a lot of money invested and money they can still invest. So which direction will they take it? No guessing involved. Admit I just covered at 48.50 from September short because it has had such a big drop from there. May be a little bounce at the beginning of the year. Maybe it just continues to drop. Now I am guessing so I will take my profits and observe.

    • This quarter and this year will top expectations. New CEO? Stop looking at the current stock price and look at the consistent execution. This is one of the best growth stories out there.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • When have they ever screwed up a qrt? If you think last qrt was bad, then you're just not getting the separation between manipulation and performance.

      I agree with you on the activist investor front. Don't be surprised when it happens!

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