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  • isthislega1 isthislega1 Jan 13, 2014 10:07 PM Flag

    I Bought At $67.45

    Will I be okay?

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • Well, maybe:). Here's what has to happen:)
      1)The market needs to keep going up even if it corrects-although this isn't absolutely necessary, only one out if four stocks go up in a down market;
      2)You MUST wait to see if Soda's business model is truly viable-I still think Soda gets over their originally projected 5% US penetration-I used to think 10-15%. If I'm wrong and they are saturated(which I doubt), this IS a dead pony(which I also doubt);
      3) You MUST wait until a clear bottom is formed and a clear uptrend is re-established. Bottom fishing a falling knife isn't prudent. Trying to get the absolute low is NOT necessary.I always pay at least 2-3 bucks off the bottom because one can't truly see it until then IMO;
      4) WHEN it absolutely is in an uptrend(assuming you have the capital), you MUST at least double down. I usually overweight it more after bottoms are formed.

      GL to you. Be patient and disciplined. If there really are signs that Soda is "saturated,"(which I doubt!!!:), get the @@@@ out:)

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • attymdmnola
        Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Patience and discipline as you say are a must.
        I beleive there are two key issues the company must eventually resolve, and if they can do this, then we will have a bright future with this company:
        1. Sodastream must as some point offer its product in the same location where Pepsi and Coke are sold. I was at one time a buyer of Coke before I heard about Soda But it was not becuase Soda was avaialbe in the same supermarke asile Coke or Pepsi. I heard about the company by seeing a display at Bed, Bath and Beyond. The average soda consumer buys soda for home consumption at either his local grocer or at a pharmacy such as CVS or Walgreen's. If the average soda drinker is given a choice by having Soda available at his/ her regular place of purchase, then the company will gain market penetration to be sure. This company has unique advantages that Coke and Pepsi do not possess,i.e freshness, environmental friednliness and cost savings. These remarkable advantages are not being utilized since the product is not available on the shelves occupied by the behomoths of the soda industry. In short, you must meet your competition head on by offering an alternative product in the same location. Presently, the company's main penetration is in retail stores that sell small appliances such as Bed, Bath , Macy's.
        2. Soda must win over the envionmental lobby in this country. This is a must. It is common knowledge that the environmmentaly lobby is very powerful at the state and federal level. They have successfuuly stopped some major energy programs. Soda needs to get them to endorse its product. These envionmentalists have trade magazines that could advertise Soda as an alternative to the recycling of plastic and glass soda bottles. Even oceanographers are concerned with the contamination of the oceans by plastic soda bottles. Well, Sodastream is the one company that has the solution to stop the pollution.
        I wanted to express my opinion

    • You will be fine. Im in at $63 and $48. Too early to buy more until the volume lets up.

28.89-0.15(-0.52%)Aug 24 4:00 PMEDT