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  • attymdmnola attymdmnola Jan 24, 2014 11:57 AM Flag


    In a technical death spiral.I'll wait to see if there's any bounce after SB-I'm likely OUT after game no matter what.SODA needs time to "heal".

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • To quote a wise old attorney from NOLA, "it's in a technical death spiral.....until it's not." :) I'm going to be around for when it's not.

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      • It's different this time Papa. The fundamental story is now in question. Nothing on this ER is going to change IMO, and in fact, they've already pre-announced a "challenging" first part of year. I have a tiny position compared to the past. IMO, at BEST, this is dead $$$ for 3-6 months, surely until a good ER assuming that even happens. If you're holding a lot of Soda, IMO, you're married to it-never marry a stock. Heck, never marry period:)

    • Do you really think that the SB is going to give SODA a lift? Atty you are smarter than that. Sell it. Take your loss and move on. This is a very negative stock to be holding now, after the SB and after earnings.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • Don't you think you should wait for the conference call? We still don't know what happened.
      If I have the numbers right, sales are off by about $5 million and earnings are off by about $11 million.
      Now think about it. How does that happen?
      Maybe they thought they weren't going to hit their sales numbers and they dumped a bunch real cheap to get close and really blew the bottom line. Maybe their sales would have been off by $10 million or $15 million but their profits would have been closer because they might have maintained higher margins. You remember those break-even graphs etc. from your basic economics and basic accounting, don't you?
      For those of you who haven't had those basic courses, you might want to think this through before you make decisions without knowing. See, it is very possible that management didn't just screw up in their projections, they might have screwed up in their pricing.
      We assume that the results would have happened no matter what management did, but that might not be true. It is possible that SODA is a fad, done, kaput. But it's also possible that the business plan and marketing plan really do work and this was just a messed up quarter or two caused by bad execution.
      You see, bad execution, if corrected, doesn't really affect the intrinsic value of the company.
      The cc might tell us a bunch more because so far, it could be that embarrassment is stopping us from really finding out what happened.
      The above is worth about two cents, maybe less. Maybe more.

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      • Martin-[SODA]excuses are for losers and WS ALREADY hated Soda.You think WS is going to react positively to ANYTHING Birnbaum or Yonah says? No way.Anyone wanting to make $$$$ on Soda will, IMO, have to SEE an ER beat AND good guidance.When will that be? And, so much for the "no brainer" runup until earnings.You convinced me:) I think I'll dump the little I have left Monday, especially if the Market and/or Soda gets a technical/deadcat bounce.And, even if the market turns tail back up, don't expect Soda to follow.Reminds me of Teva for 3 years, only they weren't up against a ridiculous float, shorts and a Fad Theory whether it's true or not.They did share one thing-AWFUL management.Have a nice weekend.
        Michigan vs.Michigan State Saturday night!!! Buckeyes finally won one-been struggling.

      • blueleon Jan 24, 2014 12:51 PM Flag

        No maybe about it!

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