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  • justwhoisthis justwhoisthis Feb 10, 2014 10:05 AM Flag

    Soda is just too much work to do

    and too many steps in purchasing components to maintaining ability to make soda, the flavorings, the CO cartridges. This machine just has not caught on. The American consumer wants it QUICKLY, EASILY and CHEAPLY. Not so with soda stream. There has been a reluctance by big box retailers to maintain demonstrations of this machine, too much effort and time spent on sales floors for the low volume sales results. Name a location where you have seen a SODA product demo recently

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    • About 35 years ago I got into the restaurant business. At that time McDonalds, Wendy, Arthur Treacher Fish Chips, etc were the big thing. Their menus had perhaps five or six items, fast food, a burger, cheeseburger, fries, coke and milkshake was all McD offered at one point. I was told my menu was too extensive. I had perhaps 15 sandwiches , several sides, salads etc. They were wrong. My restaurant succeeded and to this day still prospers though owned by others now.
      What was funny was that after I opened all those fast food places began to add items. More sandwich combos, chicken, fish , salads and so on. Yes, it definitely slowed their service a little, but in the end there are virtually no major chains today that just offer 5, 6 or just 8 items on their menu.
      So when you say SODA is complicated, more so than buying a bottle or six pack of Coke, I say, maybe for some who are lazy and don't much care about how much they spend or how much sugar or aspartame is in the product etc.
      However, I'm pretty sure that enough people are willing to have fun with the machine and make it their way for SODa to do many billions in revenue and earn a pile of dough.

    • You must be 7 year old makes it no mess...really no mess and she likes to use less syrup so there is more fizzzzz....and I have an ice cream maker, yogurt maker, popcorn maker etc...all in the closet...the soda maker has been on the counter for 2 years and used daily....home CO2 is the doubt

    • BBBY dipch@t.

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