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  • drjohnlong drjohnlong Feb 13, 2014 1:25 PM Flag

    From Financial Times.

    More validation of the concept:

    Ms Nooyi also suggested a foray into so-called “at-home” drinks – such as SodaStream or Green Mountain’s Keurig system – could be in Pepsi’s future. It has been testing single-serve home delivery products but, she said, it would be “premature” to commit to a technology at this stage.

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    • Here is what PEP's CEO actually said:

      "Let’s now talk about in-home carbonation. The way you should think about this is another distribution channel for carbonated beverages, or sparkling beverages. GMCR is one option. Interestingly, there are multiple, multiple, multiple technologies out there.

      What we’ve been sorting through, I’d say for at least 12 months, is making sure that we don’t lock and load with any technology until the technology has proven out. There’s going to be one technology today that’s functioning, but it’s based on a system that’s very different than what GMCR is thinking about launching. But we have to make sure that we align with partners who we are sure will commercialize the product. So we are working with multiple people. Stay tuned."

      If SODA was the partner they were interested in they should have been able to determine that after 12 months of studying the category.

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      • Translation...we want to see what GMCR has to offer in the way of new technology before we make any commitment.

      • A. Whose to say they haven't made that determination, for or against.
        B. I'm not wondering
        C. I guess 3-6 is where the best research pans out? No need to wait longer than that? Wasn't it you who said they could wait in a prior post stating why not wait with GMCR possible launch in October 2014, now they should have acted more hastily? Does it only pay to wait for one scenario and not another (paraphrasing of course).

      • Burgh, Pepsi really didn't have an incentive to do anything in this category until last week. So, I don't see the fact that they haven't done anything yet as an indicator that Soda isn't a fit for them. They are talking with many people. How long do we have to stay tuned for?

      • You know Burgh, although I appreciate your contrarian insights and board devil's advocate role, for someone who has publicly stated you are not a big fan of SodaStream, its prospects or business model, you sure as h#ll spend a lot of time here! Wouldn't your time be better spent on the KO or PEP board? Why the infatuation here? Seriously, not trying to be a jerk, just wondering why you spend your time here if you're not interested, not long or short.

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