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  • tedbecket tedbecket Feb 19, 2014 3:23 AM Flag

    Hit my 42.4 PPS price target....Soda is simple the best trading stock over the last 2.5 years...Period

    Atty will tell you how to invest? OK, but Soda is not an investment until we get some real support (could be some hedge funds buying in or a major partner (investment)). Until then, Hold a core and trade around it....Best to all.

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    • At what price should we sell?

    • You really have some nerve showing up here after reappearing and buying back in over $51 predicting a runup well above that price on your thesis that Soda would runup into earnings like it "always does". Problems:
      1) THAT game ended several ERs ago, but your too stupid to pay attention;
      2) Blowout ER Teddy? Not quite-rather, a pre-announcement of Soda's most disastrous quarter since the IPO-great call!!!;
      3)The only reason for recent PPS appreciation is the KO/GMCR "gift" which you never saw coming.

      Some things never change. Only you could brag and provide "insights" when, in fact, you are a pathological liar. And, virtually every post of yours mentions ME-must be a #$%$ being so obsessed with someone.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1 Reply to attymdmnola
      • Nerve? What is this Atty's board to control all content? Blowout earnings? I don't believe I stated that, however, I did speculate that we would be much higher going into earnings. Thus, I avg. down a couple times to get my avg. cost down from my original buy at $51. "Only reason"? That's like telling me my buy of Nflx only went up because of their recent content buys with Disney. While I didn't call the earnings miss, I did state after our drop we would hit $42 soon and with-in a few weeks we did...How or Why? That's for you Monday morning quarterbacks to consider. As for me, I buy good stocks when they get hit and watch the climb higher with time.

        And I only mention you because you comment I yet another post of my last week or so ago and you clearly stated prior to that "you would leave me alone"? Did you? NO, because you simply can't help yourself having to comment or control all thought on this board. Best of luck in your "twisted" pursuits

        O, and "liar"? Seth my friend has a lock on that definition. His consent trolling of this board for new suckers is simply "amazing"..

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