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  • martinitony martinitony Apr 23, 2014 11:53 AM Flag

    Hope it's true, but

    I'm picturing a conference room with the PR guy running in and saying "They don't believe the Pepsi story anymore. What do you want me to do?" Daniel says "Then tell them it's Starbucks."

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    • One more thing. If it can't be PEP, I love the idea of Starbucks. I always have and have said it before. It's like getting into 20,000 Williams and Sanoma overnight. I can see the products on those shelves along side their fancy cups and grinders. But, I will only believe it when there is a press release and trading halts.

    • What happened to you? Do you really even believe the stuff you say?

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      • What's wrong with you? Don't you have any skepticism? How can you readily accept this story when it is again based on unnamed "sources"? Are you so naive as to believe that for a third time there are rumors worth writing about that seem to have no basis in fact?
        I said earlier today and at least 3 other times over the last couple of months that SODA has no future without a partnership, none, nada. They will be destroyed by KO and GMCR and you must be nuts to believe otherwise. I want one, but I still see no evidence whatsoever. Yes, I no longer trust this management to get the truth out or get a deal done. You know what else. The Street agrees with me, not you, not Seth. Otherwise true share price would be at $55-$60 right now.
        Get your head out of your #$%$ man.

    • Exactly.

      Google "dream team stock pumping" and see some stories about the Dream Team and other companies that get hired to plant this kind of shot. Educational.

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