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  • bj12blue bj12blue Jul 3, 2014 8:14 PM Flag

    Guess I'll get beat up a little here, but...

    Did you know you can buy these SODA products at any Walmart at a big discount today.

    1. Jet maker(soda's biggest seller) for $69-$10 WMT gift Card- $20 mail in rebate = $39 + tax
    2. 2 PAC .5 Lt bottles for $11.93-$10 WMT gift card = $1.93(84% off)+ tax
    3. 2 pc 1 Lt bottles for $15.95-$10 WMT gift card =$ 5.95(60% off)+ taX
    4. 3 pas mix bottles for $19.95-$10 WMT gift card = $9.95(50% off)+tax

    So, you guys should be over there loading up on this stuff for the 4th party cook out.

    But the bad news is: I did a quick check on a couple of stores tonight, with the "new" 20 displays. Hardly touched. Completely filled as they were last week. I was just thinking that I would see some signs of sales
    right before the 4th. Not So.

    There was a time in the last year, I thought maybe SODA should give away the machines to build business in the US. They are just about doing that and it doesn't seem to be working.

    I'll repeat an earlier post to this site. I think the US has Voted Down the SODA program as their home carbonation.

    I'll go a little further: The US already has home carbonation. It works like this: Go to that $3-4,000 frig, open the door and pull out your favorite drink. Then just pull that small ring until you hear the CO2 fizzing. Then
    pour over Ice(optional) and enjoy. All for about 25 US cents...or a little less. This system is fueled by KO, PEP, Dr P, and a few more.

    And then, just to feel better about the environment, make sure and re cycle those cans. You will sleep better.

    Happy Fourth,


    ps Don't rush over to WMT to fill up. They will have plenty for weeks to come.

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    • We got deal 3......

    • Already have one and use it daily for carbonated water... Guess sugar really isn't for me... I think the analysts have one thing right that the syrup may not be the catalyst for growth, but everyone needs to drink water and a little carbonation and lime juice goes a long way. I was raised in Holland though, Americans may never understand this...

    • I tried, but I can't find any of those deals online except #1. I really wanted the Jet Mega pack for $71. Unfortunately, the closest store that carries it is 40 miles away, but I still ordered it because family is within 10 miles of it. They cancelled my order because they are out of stock. I'll keep looking for those deals you mentioned, but often times they are deals on items wal-mart doesn't have, or they are errors that wal mart fixes as soon as they realize.
      BTW, the soda stream 20 ft. section has sold well at my local store. Unfortunately it looks like it with bare spots that haven't been filled in yet.

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