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  • martinitony martinitony Jul 9, 2014 6:02 AM Flag

    No buyers unless growth story continues

    Management must show that growth story is not over or we see teens. No one should want this stock without the growth story back in place. They have days to demonstrate that it is or we see teens before end of summer. They pre announced on January 13. So we know they should be in position to do the same any day. Without news to bolster the growth story, the fall continues unabated because no reputable analyst is going to recommend this as a buy ever again without growth being an integral part of the story and no buyout at less than market is a real possibility without growth.

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    • There will be no pre-announcement. I believe the q2 numbers will be there . They will drag their feet if q3 forecasts are not up to expectations and wait till their qtr. reporting to say anything. Q3 is usually their good qtr. so that might even still be ok. Q4 will be the issue if there is one. The timing of q2 reporting will catch some attention. If they delay until audit results in august might put some people on edge. ONce the rockets stop or subside then we might see some stock price relief. we need to start some buyout rumors.

    • So, they had a massive expansion across the nation at Wal Mart, all time high CO2 sales, massive growth in Europe and the world is ending? I hope it goes to $1.

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      • Doc, no one is interested in a company like this unless it comes with significant growth. Think about it. Why invest in a foreign company? Why invest in an Israeli company? Why invest in a company about to go head to head with KO and GMCR?
        The only reason I can come up with is a solid growth story. That story got destroyed the last couple of quarters. i'm not saying it can't be resurrected. but they are about to run out of time for the current shareholders and the stock will plummet further if things continue on the same path. Face that, at least.
        Given the Walmart additional displays and the summertime, how would you explain a decline or even flat sales in the US? Can't be explained without acknowledging that the growth is over or something else is terribly wrong.
        So then, what does an analyst say? Buy because of low multiples? i think not. In fact most analysts will just walk away from this one. Lack of interest will just cause the stock to keep going where it's been going.
        The company needs to step up if they have anything good to say, and if not, kiss your as goodbye.

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