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  • drjohnlong drjohnlong Jul 30, 2014 2:04 PM Flag

    Coke screwed up! Pepsi is smarter!

    Billions invested in vaporware! All of their marketing with GMCR will benefit Sodastream! Go Soda!

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    • I think Coke was smart to invest in GMCR, but for the sake of entering the coffee market. Their Cold concept is a joke, however. Nobody wants to pay $150 for a machine, and 3x more per cup for a soda which tastes like Emergen-C. I agree that their marketing will work for SODA.

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      • What will probably happen is that the cold market will struggle and then Coke will take over Green Mountain. Coke has like 40 billion in cash. It is simply a slow hostile takeover toget the coffee business.

      • Very good take on that partnership agzand! While they are putting alot of emphasis on their "Cold Keurig," it seems to be Coke will get better traction by owning part of GMCR's coffee business more than the new soda machine. Maybe Coke is there just to make sure it doesn't take away from the current Coke sales? It just doesn't make much sense to be able to make a Coke at home that costs MORE than the pre-bottled one.

        I expect the new machine to be visually attractive but I can't see it being real successful. Coke certainly knows how to market so it will be interesting to watch though.

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