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  • danjkeller danjkeller Jul 30, 2014 3:34 PM Flag

    A couple of "new" points from the CC...

    I thought it was great to hear their factory is now in production...making "soda machines." I also thought it was interesting that "pricing doesnt matter," when it comes to soda machines in the US. IMO, those two points mean they can keep machines at the high end of price...while benefiting financially from producing them internally...a win, win. I was waiting for the facility to come online because, in the past CC's, theyve hinted at waiting on full global scale mass production until the potential capacity (facility) could support such a move. Whatchu guys think?...

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    • They've pointed out in previous cc's or presentations also that the people who pay a little more tend to be better long term customers.

    • I think when they say pricing of machines doesn't matter I think they are referring to the preference of keeping prices lower and establishing a bigger base for their recurring revenue drivers, the CO2 and syrup market.

      Of course, it only helps to have the facility coming online. I would like to see some significant variations come out. I thought some NCAA/NFL team-specific soda makers were coming out? Now, buying them just for decoration really isn't going to drive higher stock prices, they need to be used after purchase. But, gettign greater variations will be a great development.

      I also would like to see some more higher end models on the market. I picked up SodaStream Evolution model from a secondary store that had purchased stock from a damaged BBB store. I got a great price and would recommend it to any of my friends but I haven't seen one like it again. Maybe it is just too pricey ($179 retail) for most right now? Regardless, they have a lot of options to develop and drive greater interest in US markets. When the US market for the in-home soda makers ignites then the stock price will begin to reach it's potential. As it is, the stock price can still move upward with the overall worldwide business.

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      • Dex46,
        You nailed it regarding pricing. Its clear that the residuals are what they want and I think that makes sense. Frankly, I don't see how Sodastream captures a market unless they force people to think about the environmental impact. Since people are lazy, esp American people, the marketing has to work on concepts which force conscientious environmental ideals and also the healthy ideals. Sodastream really has no choice otherwise it fails. if I were them, I would focus on creating healthy drinks and never accept *healthier* drinks. Doing this simply makes them midiocre.

        Sodastream has no other option than to become the de-facto standard for healthy carbonated drinks. No more sort-of healthy -- just BE healthy. I have never understood why they ever accepted half#$%$.

    • They have always stated they would add capacity in the new facility in stages and as they move forward with construction. Section 1 came on-line, they added capacity, Section 2 came on-line they added more capacity and so on and so on. They will continue to monitor pricing and likely balance the pricing alongside demand creation activities.

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