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  • dhmdiathway dhmdiathway Jul 6, 2010 11:59 AM Flag


    Market up. Dyax gets decent news and the stock goes down. This really does make me wonder what the heck is going on. Doesnt make sense. Seems like a company wanting the phage technology and dx-88 would put out a bid.

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    • Nice summary!

      Thanks Fed


    • Koufax,

      In hindsight "highly leveraged" may be too strong a characterization, but in any event I did not mean leveraged in the financial sense, but rather from a licensing perspective, i.e. perhaps too many potential partners for a suitor. If by IMCL/LLY Ph3 you mean the anti-VEGFR antibody, I too see it as very positive, but remember even if the drug is approved, there is still a significant uphill marketing battle versus entrenched competition with a very efficacious and market-tested drug, albeit with a significant toxicity profile. Now if the anti-receptor antibody is less toxic, then we're talking. And since targeting the receptor is more selective than targeting the ligand, there is hope!

      FED UP

    • Pretty good post fedup.

      Phage tech highly leveraged? If by this you mean Cowen, I would beg to differ. Relative to the value of the whole, this debt doesn't seem to qualify the LFRP as highly leveraged. High interest and annoying yes though. If you mean something else please explain.

      How about the LLY/IMCL P3's as qualifying as a home run!

      Getting closer all the time.


    • <point remains, that management's/board's total indifference to the shareholder has to be addressed>

      Having worked for a couple of start-up biotechs, I can tell you first hand the execs and directors would be extremely reluctant to proactively defend "shareholder value" in this political and regulatory environment, especially if they were confident of the companies prospects and fundamentals going forward. Im sure these guys have nice stock option packages, and they dont want to attract scrutiny. Its likely they also have an ESOP plan, so the current low PPS provides an opportunity to acquire cheap shares. Unfortunately in the short term this non-defense allows hedge funds to parasitize capital, and they are very good at taking your money. If you believe in the companies prospects buy more, if you cant stand the heat get out. I personally feel the phage display technology is hugely undervalued; the problem DYAX presents to a potential suitor is basically the same BMY faced with MEDX, the technology is highly leveraged. All DYAX needs however is one phage display home run, licensed or not, and the share price will take off.


    • Koufax, you said,

      "I don't particularly care if anybody on this MB buys or not. I really don't! I mostly post to touch base with some familiar names, and they are capable of making their own decisions."


      Then why did you go AWOL after that secondary disaster? And why won't you answer the question whether you bought shares ahead your return (i.e., frontrunning)?

    • Thanks Tech, but I don't need your help in assessing the company.

      I've been intriqued for years with the potential of Dyax, and tried to do the best I could to trade around a core position. To date, it's mostly been an investment of time with nothing lost financially, but the fact is, I have to buy here because this price looks like the very best opportunity to capitalize on a promising future.

      I don't particularly care if anybody on this MB buys or not. I really don't! I mostly post to touch base with some familiar names, and they are capable of making their own decisions.

      Get lost idiot, whatever you're frustrated with has nothing to do with me!


    • I really think koufax is on dyax's payroll. Bottom line, the stock has performed miserably. Who ever is running the company, past or present, have done a pretty lousy job. Koufax's commentary, no matter how "intellectually" put together, is worthless. Dyax is trading at $2.11 as of right now, that's a fact. Somebody, in the company is not doing their job. You can talk all you want about drug approval, dx-88, partnerships, phage technology, market condition, etc. but at the end of day its...$2.11, come on. To me that's all that matters! And I am sure to most if not all Shareholders. They are great at dilution, at least, up til now. I own this POS and I hope I didn't feel this way......

    • Calm down please!

      There hasn't been any significant buying or selling by the officers for ages. Besides, companies on the most likely acquired list all have low insider holdings.

      BTW, have you fellas found any info regarding the Lilly P3's. Were they featured at ASCO? This could be a sleeping giant that nobody talks about, although GC did touch on the huge price tag Lilly paid to get Imclone and those compounds.


    • I guess they have learned to emulate Henry Blair who ruined this company. Do you all remember the various mis-steps in doing phase iii of dx-88 and the repeated delays in getting it approved. Meanwhile that SOB kept cashing his freeby options. At least that SOB is no longer the CEO although he is still a director. He should be barred from ever entering the DYAX building.

      So it looks like Gustav is not doing a hell of lot better than Blair. The BOD should auction off DYAX. I believe it can be sold for about $3.50 which I will gladly take.

    • I agree that we are now in the 'show me' mode for Kalbitor. Also, most small biotech companies do take a hit or risk penalty when they enter commercialization phase. But 50%, that is ridiculous.

      Your patron saint, Gustav, has not purchased any shares since 6/2009! Not one major officer of the company owns more than 30,000 shares. They have no skin in the game. Granted options don't mean much to me. Let's see every member of management and the board buy a few thousand shares on the open market. You want us to believe the story? put up some money.

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