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  • dpmc.1960 dpmc.1960 Aug 17, 2012 4:57 PM Flag

    The Rot Inside Con Edison.......

    If you take a close look "under the hood" , so to speak, at Con Ed you will see:

    1) Dividend increases for many years now have been a paltry 2 cents per share per year, less than the rate of inflation, DESPITE record earnings and record profits.
    2) Top management pulls in big $$, in the form of base pay, huge bonuses, stocks, options and more.
    So we know where our dividend money is really going to.
    3) The Board of Directors includes people like Ellen Futter and others who have no background
    whatsoever in Utility / Engineering and seem to be on the Board solely for the purpose of "rubber stamping"
    the CEO's pay package.

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    • If there is such "ROT", how come all employees want to get their kid a job there? Huh?

    • Dumb!

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      • It looks like ED and DTE have a common view of what is a reasonable and sustainable dividend. Both pay out mid sixty percent while DUK is at 90% and Fe is 80%. In the end, DTE and ED share rice will retain relative value while those others better get their revenue act together. The recent court action may help both DUK and FE as they still love coal. ED is a very high quality play so investors pay a premium to share in the promise of a company with a great history. I no longer own ED as I foolishly let myself get distracted. I think you have a strong case and hopefully the share holders will echo your compensation concerns and get a formula that mutually benefits share holders and management. If you make teacher pay a reflection of student performance benchmark exams the same should be done for all management positions. But the teacher is the guy in the trench and the top dogs (the administrators in charge) get paid in proportion to the number of new undefined programs that they can generate "research" to defend. God, if the law required administrators to actually teach 20% of their time in the low level classes that have to pass these benchmark exams then they may learn directly the true roots of the problem. By the way, their pay should also depend on getting the 90% pass rate required of the guys in the trenches ...... sorry, you just got me thinking; logic never prevails in education or boardrooms.

    • BINGO!!!bout time you is a bredth of frash airs. 2 cewnt divy incraeses chump change and them idiots on hear thinks they is getting s great deal. getting screwed that is.all them $$$ is goin to retirees and the bog boys on irving place not the steakholders.

    • Most large businesses have some people that the rank and file think of as overpaid. That does not explain the price drop.

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