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  • vincent90157 vincent90157 Nov 21, 2012 1:56 PM Flag

    Why is this stock selling off?

    Because they left my 82 year old mom without power for almost 2 weeks in a freezing house. I had no power for almost the same amount of time. We live 40 miles apart in Westhester County, NY and both of our areas power were taken out by a single tree and fixed by outside companies. Not only is their bottom line going to get hit by the storm but the market is selling all utilities and dividend payers because of the uncertainty of the tax policy for 2013. I hope Cuomo kills their them and hangs their license over their head this time and allows additional competition into their area. Con Ed has been trimming back resourses and manpower for decades but I still see the execs driving brand new company vehicles to and from work and parking them in front of their mansions nearby.

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    • go buy your 82 year old mother a generator.

      FYI both your areas power were not taken out by a single tree, your not even on the same substation circuits if your 40 miles apart...

      You want Cuomo to pull licenses?? how did that work out for LIPA customers?? give them a call and see how a state run utility responded... O wait you cant call them because THEY STILL DONT HAVE POWER......

      pull your head out of your a@@ you nut job....

    • Sorry to hear about your Mother, but it is not ConEd who is to blame. Blame the Fin Unions for slow response times. They will not get hit at the bottom line by this storm. FEMA will pay for all of the repairs. What FEMA doesn't pay for, ConEd's insurance policy will. Can't blame Coned for the biggest storm in New Yorks's history.

      Some people, I tell you..........can you see me rolling my eyes?

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      • They were warned a week in advance about the size and possible damage that could happen yet once again the "EXECS" are to blame for not reaching in the company's pocket to take some precautionary planning like have poles available and an actual plan in case the storm did hit which the weather forcasters were telling them for a week. I would never blame the guys who risk their lives on the poles who were working 12-14 hours like you seem to. You see I actually tip any worker who comes to my house to fix a problem I run into and that includes Con-Ed, Verizon, my Letter Carriers and my Sanitation workers who actually bring my pail in for me. I can't imagine that image in a NEOCON'S thought process.

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